Heretics, Superheroes, and Fighting the
Lonely War of the Writer

image of a typewriter key

The writing life sounded so glamorous, didn’t it?

When you first started writing, you watched people struggling with their problems and knew you could help … if only they would listen.

So you took to the page with metaphorical fist raised, hoping your words would cut through conventional thinking and inspire a revolution.

But it was hard — much harder than you thought it would be — to gain traction.

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Is Your Low Social IQ Dooming Your Blog?

image of a switchboard

What’s wrong with my blog?

That’s a very frustrating question that many bloggers ask.

You’re passionate about your topic and you provide great advice to solve reader’s problems. You wrap up your posts with interesting questions, inviting readers to share their opinions in the comments. You offer clear calls to action

Unfortunately, no one seems to be listening. 

Post after post reveals no more than a handful of comments (and half of those are your own replies). Your subscriber numbers have flatlined. And forget fan mail, that showing up seems as likely as finding a tall glass of water in the desert. 

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