Sponsor Authority Rainmaker and Let Us Help You Build Your Business in 2015

Authority Rainmaker 2015 -- May 13-15 in Denver, Colorado

You’ve seen a few messages here over the past few weeks describing Authority Rainmaker, specifically the myriad benefits it will deliver to attendees.

Today we have one more quick note for you about Authority Rainmaker … but this note isn’t aimed at potential attendees (more for them here).

Instead, today’s note is aimed at potential sponsors. That’s because an Authority Rainmaker sponsorship allows us to help you build your business.

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A First Look at Raven’s New Content Marketing Tools …

Image of Raven Tools Logo

Running the data for Copyblogger Media is no small task, so we’re big fans of tools that make our lives easier. At the top of that list is Raven Tools’ marketing software.

And yes, we love them even more for the fact that Raven’s Content Manager tightly integrates with our Scribe content marketing software system … but that’s just one of many reasons.

Like us, the Raven team is constantly working to improve their software and to make sure it meets the needs of the ever-evolving content marketing industry.

I just found out that they’re about to update their Raven Content Manager in a major way, and I couldn’t be more excited.

What’s ahead for Raven, and — more importantly — what does it mean for you?

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Free Drinks, For All Our Friends …

Image of An Indelicate Diversion Party Logo

We’re all about using headlines that work around here, and among the most important aspects of a great headline is that it always deliver on its promise.

So yes, free drinks …

For the third year in a row, Copyblogger Media is hosting one of the biggest parties at SXSW for all of our friends and fans who are able to make it — we call it An Indelicate Diversion.

Join us Saturday, March 9th at Buffalo Billiards in Austin for an evening of hilarity, nerdery, and revelry. Doors open at 8pm. From 9pm to 10pm, the drinks are on us.

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How To Keep Kevin Costner From Ruining Your Blog and Business

image of kevin costner

In the Internet Marketing for Smart People radio show finale to season one, Brian refers to “Kevin Costner Syndrome”, a condition that affects a number of bloggers, marketers, and entrepreneurs.

If you saw Costner’s 1989 blockbuster “Field of Dreams,” you remember the line from the film:

If you build it, they will come.

It was heartwarming and inspirational in the movie. It can destroy you as an online marketer.

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