When to Stop Drinking from the
Information Fire Hydrant

image of fire hydrant spraying water

I’ve been working with people and helping them figure out their personality styles for years, but I’m brand-new to blogging.

So I did the logical thing and started researching. How to write an interesting post, how to target my audience, how to find my writing voice.

If you’ve ever thought about trying a brand-new endeavor — like starting a business or a blog — you’ve probably done something similar.

Problem is, there’s so much information out there, you can start to feel like you’re drowning.

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17 Easy Steps to Brilliant Blog Posts

image of child's blocks forming stair steps

You know what I’ve discovered? Most of the people writing about blogging are experts. Funny thing, that.

These expert bloggers have been doing it for a while and they have thousands (if not tens or hundreds of thousands) of subscribers. The best give lots of free stuff away that’s actually worth reading, and we know we’re standing on the shoulders of giants when we follow their advice.

And all that’s good. Don’t get me wrong.

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