Dance Dance Revolution and One Big Reason Why Businesses Prosper Online

Image of Vinyl Record on Player

The last time I was in Texas for the South by Southwest festival, one of the highlights of my trip was watching Pace Smith play a video game called Dance Dance Revolution.

She used to play competitively, so her gameplay is serious business. Her feet moved like two blurs. Jump. Jump. Twist. It was an impressive thing to watch.

It looked so cool, in fact, that I decided I wanted to learn to play DDR too. So I bought a copy for my Wii, put the plastic dance pad on my floor, and quickly realized how incompetent I was.

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The One Skill that Makes an Online Entrepreneur Unstoppable

image of woodworking tools

Pop quiz, hotshot: What’s the most important skill you must have in order to be successful as an entrepreneur, especially in an online business? 

Is it salesmanship? Is it social media savvy, or SEO knowledge? 

Is it writing and content marketing? (Because I know a great blog about that.) 

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Why Blind Obedience is Killing Your Business

image of a hedge maze

Picture three men racing through a tall hedge maze.

The first man runs off and begins following paths randomly, hoping to stumble upon the exit.

The second man is more methodical. He puts one hand on a wall of the maze and resolves to keep moving forward slowly, never taking his hand off the wall. Eventually, thanks to the rules of topology, he knows he’ll find the outside.

The third man pushes and shoves directly through the hedges in a straight line, finishing in thirty seconds flat and declaring himself the winner.

Did the third man cheat?

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6 Ways to Master Entrepreneurial Uncertainty

image of lighthouse in storm

I used to think that successful people had it all figured out.

If they wanted to make something happen, they knew exactly what to do.

If they created a new product, it would be instantly popular and profitable.

They knew all the right people, hired the right help, set all the right prices, and pulled all the right strings of the many moving parts of their business to make it all work perfectly.

Had they attained some kind of career Nirvana, a place in which they didn’t need to struggle and worry and fail anymore?

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The BlogWorld Expo Virtual Ticket (or, How to Get To a Conference You Can’t Get To)

image of blogworld expo virtual ticket

We live a lonely life out here on the internet.

Sure, we’ve got email and blogs and social media and Skype and the occasional contact via an actual phone, but in real-life terms we’re pretty isolated.

We usually live far away from our “work friends.” We swap ideas in small, discreet blocks — a half-hour IM chat with someone here, an email or two with someone else there.

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Firefly Creativity, Writing Process Tips, and Twitter Resources Galore: The Copyblogger Weekly Wrap

image of Copyblogger Weekly Wrap logo

I like to use these Weekly Wrap intros to feature interesting industry news and tidbits, not to talk about myself and the cool things I’ve been up to. Note: All previous intros that violate this principle have been random coincidences resulting in accidental self-aggrandizement.

Anyway, re: developments in blogging and social media, BlogWorld & New Media Expo made this announcement the other day involving their “Virtual Ticket” program and how they brought some person on to help them restructure it and host it. Oh, and that person is me.

Damn. Did it again.

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