What Mitch Hedberg Can Teach You About Making Money Online

Mitch Hedberg

Are you familiar with the late comedian Mitch Hedberg? Very funny man, taken from us far too soon.

More on him in a minute.

But first I want to say that there are a lot of good internet marketers out there — people who have a ton of integrity and who produce excellent material. These people aren’t scammers.

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The Real Secret to Becoming a
Popular Blogger

Popular Blogger

Let’s play pretend for a minute, shall we?

Let’s say you live in an old Italian Market. On your rounds as a door-to-door zucchini salesman, you drop in on two tailors’ shops that are quite different.

The first is run by Roberto Andolini, a very skilled tailor who has a ridiculous mustache and always greets you warmly, asking about your kids and your business. Roberto has a large collection of fountain pens and is always telling you about his latest acquisition.

Each time you see him, he cracks the same joke about making sure to keep the pens away from the clothes he’s tailoring. And each time he tells it, he’s so amused by his own hilarity that he uncorks a big, billowing laugh. You like Roberto very much.

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