Why Writing for Spiders is the
Least Sticky Strategy of All

Robot Spider

Are you writing for (search engine) spiders? Take a quick look at this copy:

This article provides free writing tips, so be sure to check out this free writing tips article if you are interested in free writing tips.

Does that writing style sound familiar? I’m sure anyone familiar with search engine optimization and SEO copywriting realizes that an article with such an “introduction” is (desperately) optimized for the term “free writing tips.”

But is this approach one that actually works?

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The Art of Blogging:
Business or Pleasure?

The Art of Blogging

Nowadays, everyone seems to think that making money as a blogger is a piece of cake. A lot of people make the mistake of starting out by picking a niche they are not exactly passionate about simply because it pays well.

In other words, they are just in it for the money and somehow consider this a sound business model. It’s easy to show up day after day if the pay is good, right?

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