A Social Media Marketing Case Study: Uncertainty by Jonathan Fields

image of Jonathan Field's Uncertainty

I started blogging in 2007 because I’d just signed my first book deal with Random House and I realized that social media was about to become a huge tool in any author’s marketing arsenal.

What I didn’t realize was how huge.

It’s become the core of my marketing outreach not just for books, but for everything I do.

But with the launch of my new book, Uncertainty: Turning Fear and Doubt Into Fuel for Brilliance, I decided to take things to an entirely different level, test a bunch of new strategies, and bring video strongly into the picture.

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Train Wreck Blogging: Ain’t Nothing To See Here Folks

Train Wreck

It’s the reason people love NASCAR and read National Enquirer.

We don’t want to admit it. We’re not supposed to feel that way. But secretly buried, deep down inside, we all want a front row seat to the wipe out of the season.

It’s not that we want to see anyone get hurt. It’s not that we wish failure or disaster on anyone (let’s keep our in-laws and competitors out of this). We just want to know all the juicy details once it’s already gone down.

We even feel bad about this irrepressible urge…but we just gotta know!

And, understanding this impulse will let you tap a side of blogging that holds the potential to explode readership… if you have the will.

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