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So, you’ve heard my take on why guest blogging is important. Over the years, you’ve probably seen other popular bloggers talking about it too.

But maybe you can’t help thinking … how does it help you build a popular blog of your own?

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The Glass Ceiling, the Inner Circle, and the Key to Building a Popular Blog

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“What am I doing wrong?” I whispered to the computer screen.

A part of me wanted nothing more than to go to bed and forget about blogging forever.

And yet, there I was, hunched over the computer, as I dug through my traffic stats for the millionth time. Somewhere inside was the answer to why I wasn’t getting more traffic, and I was going to find it.

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20 Warning Signs That Your Content Sucks

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Admit it … you’ve wondered.

You’re writing and writing and writing, and a few people say they like it, but you’re just not getting results. Traffic is coming in at a trickle, links are hard to come by, and your comments section is about as lively as a nightclub at breakfast.

And you can’t help wondering …

Do you just need to be patient, waiting for your traffic to snowball?

Or could it be possible that, really, your content sucks (thereby breaking the first rule of Copyblogger), and everyone is just being nice so as not to hurt your delicate artistic feelings?

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10 New Ideas for Getting Inspired to Write

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Years ago, I had a golden retriever named Louie who loved pillaging trash cans.

I tried yelling at him whenever he stuck his nose in the can. I tried different models of trash cans with hard-to-open lids. I tried putting the trash can inside a cabinet.

But it didn’t matter. Louie was a trash can fiend, and he wouldn’t be denied.

It got to be such a problem that I eventually called a dog trainer friend for advice.

She told me to put mousetraps in the trash cans.

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10 Tricks For Getting Inspired to Write

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There comes a time in every blogger’s life when the thought of writing another blog post makes you want to . . . well . . . gag.

You know you should write, you know your readers are expecting to hear from you. But sitting down to crank out another post is like throwing your bucket down the creative well and coming up with nothing but mud.

The well is dry, baby. Nothing more to give. And yet somehow you have to find something to say.

The question is, “How?”

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The Alexander Graham Bell Guide to
Changing the World

image of telephone

Ever heard of Innocenzo Manzetti?


How about Elisha Gray?

Still no?

Okay, how about Alexander Graham Bell?

Heard of him?

Of course you have. He invented the telephone. (Yes, that’s what that funny-looking thing above is.)

Or did he?

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