Your Blog vs. The World: 7 Steps To Winning The War for Attention

The World

You didn’t realize you were at war, did you?

Oh, but you are.

In fact, you’re fighting battles on four fronts simultaneously.

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how 2 blog if u suk at writin’

Blogging Loser?

These days, being a professional blogger is cool.

A couple of times now, I’ve been at dinner with a group of people, many of them substantially more financially successful and socially engaging than I, but as soon as everyone hears that I blog for a living, I’m suddenly Mr. Popular.

People seem enamored with the idea of sitting at a computer all day, pumping out pithy bits of wisdom for legions of adoring fans.

What’s more, they feel that it’s something they could never do, because, even though they’ve always wanted to start a blog, they kind of… well… “suk at writin’.”

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The Art of One Butt Cheek Blogging

One Butt Cheek

Once in a while, every blogger’s writing gets a little stale. You still get your point across well enough, but your posts are missing that passion, that power, that “Oomph” that forces people to pay attention. Everything you write sounds like you’re tired. You might even start to wonder if you’re getting bored with your topic.

Is it true? Are you doomed to mediocre content? Should you just stop wasting time and give up on your blog now?


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Will You Be Seth Godin’s Apprentice?

Seth Godin

Get this.

A little over one month from now, you could be sitting in Seth Godin’s office, working as his apprentice. The Seth Godin. The best-selling author, maybe the most respected marketing mind in the online world, and the web’s most beloved bald guy. Yeah, him.

If you’re selected, you’ll spend the next six months with Seth and his team. It’ll be like an MBA, except better. You’ll be learning how to change the world… and he’s going to teach you for free.

The catch?

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How I Hijacked Copyblogger

Partnering Profits

Okay, maybe it’s nothing quite as glamorous as a hijacking, but I have pulled off a pretty good trick, I think.

Two months ago, I started writing a book tied to a training program called Partnering Profits. This week, we’ve introduced the training to 45,000+ Copyblogger subscribers. Over the next few months, it’ll turn into a full-fledged business that I’m co-owner of.

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Is Blogging Keeping You Poor?

Partnering Profits

They’re laughing at us. Did you know that?

Right now, someone who refers to himself as an “Internet marketer” is sitting in his bedroom, dressed in nothing but his undies, laughing at how hard bloggers work for how little money we make.

We drive ourselves to creative exhaustion by expecting ourselves to pump out a never-ending stream of remarkable content — a stream that, even in the best of cases, only pulls in a couple hundred bucks a month in advertising revenue.

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