Priceless Lessons Learned from
Scathing 1-Star Reviews on Amazon

image of diamond star

It isn’t hard to write about something you hate.

What’s hard is to do it well.

Hello, my name is Julien Smith, and I have a sickness — I’m absolutely obsessed with 1-star Amazon reviews.

It started with reviews of my book, Trust Agents, but it has since developed into a full-blown addiction.

Now I can’t stop reading them. I seek them out. I even bookmark them.

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Donald Trump’s Top Three Tips for
Dominating Your Niche

image of Donald Trump

We know his name. We know his brand.

We even know his hair.

But do we know how he does it?

If Donald Trump has created a building in your city, you know it. You not only know he has one, but you know exactly where it is.

Maybe you even know how much it cost. You might even know about buildings he’s developed in other cities.

Are there any other real estate developers you can say that about? Why do we know so much about The Donald?

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