How to Build a Referral Engine That Works

Image of Engine

Producing a remarkable product is good marketing, but even the best products need help in spreading the word.

Movie producers (now) know the value of a good trailer that’s shareable on social media. A teaser to whet your appetite.

Coke hasn’t changed its product in years, but they always put out feel good commercials that remind you why you like to drink it.

Zappos knew that they needed to create such amazing customer service that nobody could stop raving about them, and they passed the 1 billion sales mark — without shelling out the big bucks in traditional advertising.

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6 Ways to Supercharge Your Writing

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Have you ever gotten so caught up in a deadline (or your own expectations) that writing anything at all felt … uncomfortable?

Too often as writers we measure ourselves by our level of productivity. We get so worried about being productive that we forget to enjoy ourselves.

Here’s the rub: if you aren’t enjoying your writing, you aren’t truly being productive.

Give me six minutes and I’ll give you six techniques that’ll make you a happy and productive writer.

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The Mr. Rogers Guide to
Blogging from the Heart

image of Fred Rogers

As bloggers, we put a lot of effort into telling our readers how to do things.

We believe that if we can just give them enough informative content that they’ll subscribe to our blog and never leave. We try to become the best teacher we possibly can, instilling wisdom down into short, usable posts that our readers can put into action right away.

But what if that’s not what they really want?

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