5 Ways to Blast Off Your Freelance Writing Income Through Massive Action

3 ... 2 ... 1 ... go big or go home

You know how to reach success as a writer because you’ve heard it a million times: It’s all about the baby steps, baby.

Break down your goal into manageable chunks and take one tiny step at a time towards your vision so you don’t get overwhelmed — and you’ll make steady, if slow, progress.

Well, maybe that works for some people. But for me, taking teeny steps towards my goals is hugely demotivating.

Seriously, when I think about sending out a single email sales letter, making one cold call, or buying the supplies I need for my business one Post-it note at a time, it makes me want to just give up and binge-watch Project Runway instead of writing.

And I suspect a lot of writers and entrepreneurs are the same way.

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How to Earn $250 Per Hour As a Freelance Writer

fingers in motion typing fast on a keyboard

How sweet it would be to earn $250 per hour — as a writer, no less.

Sounds like a crazy dream, right?

It’s kind of like your dream to win America’s Got Talent with your nose whistling routine: Fun to think about, but it ain’t gonna happen.

Well, I’m going to risk your snorts of disbelief by telling you $250 per hour is the average rate I earn with any type of writing I do, whether it’s copywriting, content writing, or journalism.

I’m not special (though my mom thinks so). My writing skills are good, but not Donna Tartt good.

And as you’ll see below, I don’t actually charge $250 per hour, which would cause prospects to run screaming from me like I had the plague.

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5 Reasons You Should Embrace Rejection

Image of Rejection Stamp

Chances are, you read the title of this post and huffed, “I hate rejection! Rejection, I will dance upon your grave!”

The good news is that you’ll never stop experiencing rejection, so you won’t have to be shining up your dancing shoes anytime soon.

Wait — did I say the good news?

I did. In my career as a magazine writer, book author, content marketer, blogger, and copywriter, I’ve been rejected well over 500 times. Yes, I counted.

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3 Ways Content Creators Can Diversify their Way to a Bigger Paycheck

Image of Tannery Machine and Worker

You’re a content marketer. I get that.

But have you thought about leveraging your writing skills and topic expertise into other kinds of gigs that can bring in revenue?

Diversification is key. Even if you’re great at what you do, developing multiple streams of income is a great thing:

  • It helps keep your income steady. If one type of gig tanks, or just slows down for a while, you have others to rely on as backup.
  • It keeps you from getting burned out. No matter how much you love what you do, there will be times when you would rather stick hot pokers into your eyes than write another white paper, newsletter, or client blog.

So, what else is a 21st-century content creator qualified to do?

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[Case Study] How a Pay-What-You-Want Pricing Model Can Generate More Revenue

image of elizabethan pay-what-you-want audience

You probably know that finding the sweet spot in pricing the offer of your information product can make all the difference between generating substantial revenue and, well, running a promotion that bombs.

I’ve discovered something that adds a little icing to that sweet spot.

It all started when my husband mentioned a Kickstarter campaign for a boardgame where the designer let contributors pay what they wanted, with a minimum of $5, until a certain amount was reached. Then it turned to a pay-what-you-will model for everything over $10, and so on.

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When’s the Best Time to Send Email to Your List?

image of pocket watch

Talking email marketing strategy can be a bit like talking religion or politics at a party. Everyone has their own (very strong) opinions about what does — or does not — work.

You’ve heard it all before:

“Don’t send anything on weekdays, on the weekends, or after 5 pm, because people aren’t at their computers.”

“Don’t email on Mondays because your prospects are too busy, and avoid Fridays because everyone is winding down for the weekend.”

“And be sure to stay away from the lunch hour. In fact, the best time to email is on Tuesday at 10:13 am.”

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