Three Keys to Creating an Online Experience Worth Paying For

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Membership has its privileges.

When American Express unleashed this tag line on the world, they weren’t blowing smoke.

How do you sell a credit card with high annual fees when other cards are competing based on “free”? An expensive credit card that you have to pay off in full every month?

How did AmEx succeed in winning over hundreds of thousands of people to a product with such significant drawbacks?

The answer is in the privileges of membership.

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What All Content Creators Need
to Learn From Roger Ebert

image of Roger Ebert

Roger Ebert’s name is synonymous with movie reviews. Many of us remember him bantering with Gene Siskel on the TV shows Sneak Previews and At the Movies. But he doesn’t banter much anymore. He lost his ability to speak due to complications of thyroid cancer in 2006.

Ebert may have lost the lower part of his jaw, but he hasn’t lost his voice. He continues to receive new acclaim and appreciation for the quality and feeling of his writing in books, newspaper reviews, and criticism.

It shows a deep sense of character. But it also shows a few other valuable traits we as content creators would be wise to develop in ourselves.

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The Doctor McCoy Guide to
Healing Sick Content


Is your content ailing and in desperate need of medical attention? Is it vibrant, powerful and compelling or is it dull, weak, and boring? Does it have acute or chronic symptoms of illness?

Can you save the patient or is it time to pull the plug and give your work a proper burial?

Perhaps you need some direction from “Bones”. No, I’m not referring to the lovely and talented Emily Deschanel. I mean the real McCoy.

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