3 Steps to Writing Copy that Speaks to Real Desire

image of heart in a wrench

When you’re doing your best work with your clients, it can be magical, sacred. There’s almost something holy about what you do, like you aren’t there at all.

And that’s what your clients love most too — those moments of transcendence in the work and the relationship.

The best businesses always originate from an attitude of service, and Copyblogger has talked many times about putting your customer’s needs before your own.

But if you try to talk about this sacredness in your copywriting, it doesn’t make an impact.

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Is Spiritual Business a
Contradiction in Terms?

image of lit candle

With all the beads, prayers, affirmations, “laws of abundance,” and other woo-woo business accoutrements flying around these days, you’d think there’s some fire sale promotion going on spirituality.

Maybe it’s the rough economy, or the unsettling pace of change. Business seems to be getting more and more difficult, and support is hard to come by. When you’re struggling, the idea of having the unseen realms backing you is pretty appealing.

But can getting more spiritual really help your business?

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