4 Ways to Grow Your Blog with the
Power of Experts

image of sprout in cement

Do you want to attract more readers?

Do you want to grab the attention of the big players in your industry and leverage their star power?

Silly questions, right?

In this article I’ll share how you can grow a loyal and sustained fan base by working with the top experts in your niche.

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How to Use Twitter to Grow Your Business


Can Twitter actually help my business or is it a complete waste of my valuable time? This was the very question I asked myself only a few months back.

Perhaps you’ve pondered the same?

When people I respect started singing the praises of Twitter, I decided to give it a go. At first I just didn’t get it. However, after a short while I was shocked at the level of access to high profile individuals I was able to achieve.

This article reveals how bestselling authors and business professionals use Twitter to grow their businesses and reveals ideas you can employ to achieve Twitter success.

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How to Use LinkedIn to
Create Authoritative Content


Looking for a credible source to strengthen your article, blog post or white paper? Need a quote from an expert to bolster your case?

There’s an excellent source you may not have considered—LinkedIn. Chances are you have received dozens of emails from friends, colleagues and total strangers asking you to join LinkedIn. Turns out more than 17 million business professionals are using the networking site.

What does this mean for you as a writer?

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How to Gain Instant Exposure With
Search Advertising

Google Adwords Logo

“I think you really ought to consider advertising on Google,” she said.

The year was 2003, business was really slow and I was about to plunk big dollars into a trade publication ad. I had never heard of paying to have someone come to my website.

But, on the advice of a peer, I took the leap of faith.

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Want to Boost Your Writing Productivity? Have a Baby!

Baby Boy

As writers, many of us love to create, but not on someone else’s schedule.

For me, I get random bursts of inspiration at the strangest hours. Often in the middle of the night I can pump out some really thought provoking work.

But here’s the problem: If you’re a professional writer, you’re expected to finish each writing project on a given schedule.

I have rarely met a writer that can bang out excellent content, on schedule, all the time.

So the real question is this: How do you force yourself to regularly produce high quality written work?

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Who Inspires Your Writing?


Another simple question… What gets you to the keyboard?

Is there someone who you look up to or model?

Perhaps someone you know personally motivates you to get up and write, or maybe it’s a well-known writer.

Let’s hear from you.

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