How to Dominate Your Niche
Without Apology

image of chess kings

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t recall Leonidas apologizing to the Persian army before battle.

I definitely don’t remember Russell Crowe’s vengeful Maximus sitting down to write a few notes of sincere and profuse regret before he suited up and took out a couple of gladiators.

Do you?

Then why do so many people ask forgiveness right before they actually do something worth doing?

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The Copyblogger Guide to
Zombie-Free Product Launches

image of thumb emerging from soil

These days, a lot of online product launches are like zombie attacks.

One day, everything is fine. The next day, there’s a legion of crazy people banging on your virtual doors and windows, wanting to feed on you.

Who the hell are these zombies and how did they get my address? Time to break out the shotgun, or in this case, the Delete All button.

And it gets worse. That group of friends you hang out with from time to time? Yeah . . . they’re zombies too.

“Wait dude, I thought we were cool . . . why are you . . . Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!”

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The Mercenary’s Guide to Building
Your Internet Marketing Empire

image of survival knife

I don’t kill people for money (I do that for free).

I’m not wanted in 17 countries.

And I don’t ride on a steel horse.

But by many standards, I’m somewhat of a mercenary.

It started a few years ago, when I cut my teeth online by playing around in the internet marketing game.

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The Art of Shameless Self-Promotion

image of rooster

I’ve found it just doesn’t pay to crow too much about what I’ve accomplished.

Sure, I celebrate when things go well. But I’ve found that talking too much about my achievements leads not only to criticism, but to disappointment.

There’s always going to be someone who’s done more or worked harder. And until they carve my name into the side of the moon, I see no reason in puffing myself up. The minute you get a big head is the same minute that reality smacks you and you realize that you aren’t as cool as you think you are.

So self-adulation is something I try to stay away from. But self promotion? That’s a whole different story.

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Your Dream is Under Attack

image of great white shark

Recently, I was reading a post about sponsored Tweets, which sparked debate in both the comment section and on Twitter. The debate boiled down to whether or not a sponsored Tweet, or any sponsored content for that matter, is ethical.

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How to Make Money with Free

image of sign saying yes, it's free

We live in a world of free. If you’re trying to make money, especially online, you might think that would make things difficult.

Every day, someone releases a new eBook, video, or podcast that not only contains tremendous value, but gives away many of the “tricks of the trade” that we used to have to pay for.

You’d think that the paid content business would be shrinking in the face of all this free information, but it keeps getting stronger. How can that be?

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