The 3 Fatal Diseases that Kill Good Blogs

image of a man in a flu maskPicture this. You’re in a fancy night club, one of the best in Vegas. You’re drinking free beer and watching 50 or 100 people party to heavy beats and exotic dance tunes. You should be enjoying the mood . . . maybe even letting a dance sneak out every now and then.

But instead, you’re off in the corner talking business. Not just any business either. You’re talking about the business of blogging.

I know . . . pretty lame right?

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How to Get Past No

No Excuses

Years ago, I worked for a direct marketing company that sold cutlery.

Although I saw many salespeople come and go during my 2+ years working there, most of whom didn’t make any money, I was able to find a way to be successful in this odd niche. I sold nearly $25,000 worth of the stuff.

I wasn’t a natural salesman, and I didn’t use any secret tactics, but I did learn a few things about how to get past no. And some of them can help you take your online business from failure to success.

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