Why It’s Not About You (Except When It Is)

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When new entrepreneurs learn about copywriting that works, many think, “Great! Now I can talk about myself in a more compelling way!”

No. Never talk about yourself.

Once you learn this rule, your audience may start paying attention — but if you follow it blindly, your copywriting will lack punch … and it’ll lack a high conversion rate, too.

That’s why you need to learn the following three exceptions to the “Never Talk About Yourself” rule …

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How to Legally Steal Copy That
Converts Like Crazy

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Everyone knows better copy gets you more buyers, but professional copywriters are ridiculously expensive for a bootstrapped business, right?

And of course every entrepreneur should study copywriting, but it takes time to get really good. You want a great sales page today, not in three years when you’ve finally read all those copywriting books on your bedside table.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get high-quality copy that converts — for free?

Well, you can.

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6 Steps That Get Big Shots to Answer Your Email

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You need to get the attention of a powerful internet marketer, A-list blogger, or busy CEO.

Maybe you’ve got a brilliant idea for a joint venture that would make you both scads of money.

Or maybe you just wrote a brilliant guest post that a certain top blogger’s audience will love.

Whoever it is, you’re convinced you’ve got a win for this person.

Unfortunately, the big shot you’re pitching won’t answer your emails.

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Why You’re Too Qualified and Respectful to Produce Great Content


If you’re like most bloggers, you’re making two huge mistakes with your content. You’re suffering from both qualification and respect when you write.

You’ll need to leave both of those behind if you want to be a successful writer with high conversion rates. The only way to write powerfully is to be bold, and to write boldly you must stop qualifying yourself and being overly respectful.

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