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Is Podcasting Replacing Written Content Marketing?

spoken words vs. written words

That is the question.

It’s the question I’m asked as soon as someone discovers that I manage the editorial team for Copyblogger.

You see back in March, there was a sudden influx of audio content here on the pages of Copyblogger. We launched our podcast network — Rainmaker.FM — and (of course) wanted to share the new content we were creating with all of you.

But we may have confused you, too. Based on the questions I get, we’ve certainly confused at least some of you.

I’m here today to set the record straight. I want to let you know what we really think about podcasting, and how it relates to written content, and where we see content marketing going in the future.

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Guiding Online Dreams (and Dreaming of a New Community)

inspiration: how your community influences your business

Darren DeMatas has built a career helping others bring their dreams online. With his newest venture, selfstartr.com, he’s finally shifted his focus to a new client he’s never served before: himself.

It’s a new business, and his dream is to create a community where people can start to learn how to use content to market their own e-commerce businesses.

Darren’s story is this month’s Hero’s Journey feature. We’re tapping the collective wisdom of our community members to bring you reports from the front lines of the content marketing world. You can read about Belinda Weaver, our featured community member from last month.

Darren’s professional experience up until this point has ranged from search marketing to e-commerce and software-as-a-service. This new business will draw from his previous experience to help serve those who want to grow online.

Let’s turn this over to Darren so he can share his story.

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Why Content Creators Will Flock to Cleveland This September

a live event featuring content professionals and inspiration

Content Marketing World is big, bold, and designed for people who aspire to be at the top of the content marketing field.

And this year, our Rainmaker Platform is proud to be a sponsor of this epic event — billed as the largest content marketing event on the planet.

We even have a special discount to offer you. But first, let’s talk about why you might want to put Cleveland, Ohio on your list of travel destinations in the next month.

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The Dangerous Myth of the Magical Tool

Reality Check: Is your mind playing tricks on you?

When we’re starting out, we want to know the best tools to use.

What platform should I build my website on? What’s the best tool for writing? What should I use to create images for my site? What social media platforms should I invest time in?

These thoughts can swirl around and around and keep us firmly planted in analysis paralysis.

Don’t get me wrong: It makes sense to look for solid tools from the very beginning. You want to get your business off to a good start. You want to build it on a reliable platform and avoid having to make a painful switch to a different platform later.

But you have to move on from that stage. Don’t dawdle there.

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6 Easy Ways to Adapt Your Writing Style to the New World of Content Consumption

it's a brave new fast-paced content world

You ease yourself into the coziest chair you own, a warm beverage by your side, a blanket over your legs, and the glow of a reading lamp over your shoulder.

It’s time to sink into a nice, long session of reading.

You pull apart the pages of the nonfiction book you’re working your way through, and you begin a new chapter.

It starts with an inspiring quote. Then the author tells a story.

Eventually, she comes around to the topic at hand. Now that you’re warmed up, she’s going to share some information with you.

What’s the online version of this scene?

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How One Entrepreneur Grew a Digital Business to Fit Her Life

using fluidity and focus to grow your digital business

Back in 2009, Belinda Weaver had a decision to make.

She loved marketing, but wasn’t especially happy in her job as a marketing coordinator.

She and her husband were thinking about starting a family.

As Belinda says, “Change was afoot. I just didn’t know how I wanted that change to take shape.”

Then she attended a one-day conference where she was hit by a figurative bolt of lightning after learning about copywriting.

Welcome to the first post in our new series, The Hero’s Journey. We’re tapping the collective wisdom of our audience to learn from their business journeys.

Let’s have Belinda take it from here …

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