When Sex Refuses to Sell


I remember the first big spike in traffic we received at the online publication I edited at the time.

It had to do with large breasts.

And it was one of the first lessons I had in traffic and – more importantly – quality traffic. It’s a lesson I still remember today when I write my blog.

Readers, Readers, Readers

Something journalists have in mind when we’re editing newspapers, magazines or online news sites – apart from reporting the news – is readership. That’s why headlines, for example, not only tell the story but often do so in an intriguing, thought-provoking way.

It’s also why some stories are chosen over others: they’ll be more interesting to readers.

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Five Lessons From Newspapers to
Boost Your Blog’s Circulation


It’s been said many times that printed newspapers won’t last – they’ll be killed off by the web.

And that would be a shame: the death of papers would see the demise of some tremendous writing and editing skills. I should know – my last job on a newspaper was just last year.

So, while we still have ink on paper, here are five things you can learn from newspaper editors and reporters to improve your blog’s copy.

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