Tim Gunn’s Top 5 Tips for
More Stylish Content

image of Tim Gunn

A little over a year ago, Brian Clark gave us a What Not to Wear guide to blogging.

Brian laid the groundwork for the inherent value in talking about what’s not working. And if you haven’t read the post, clickity-click and get on that — and here’s why:

We don’t change a damn thing when we’re right.

Being “right” makes us do exactly the same thing, time and time again until it become rote. Habit.

But being wrong … ah — dawning recognition.

When we’re wrong, we can change things.

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The Responsible Blogger’s Guide to
Dealing with Big Brother

image of surveillance video camera

“What should I be doing better with my blog?”

That’s one helluva question, isn’t it? As someone who blogs to support a thriving business, I think about that question every day.

There are a lot of answers, many of which involve sexy topics like traffic, subscribers, and getting one zillion followers on Twitter.

But when’s the last time you sat down and answered the question above with:

“I should be paying more attention to blogging ethics.”

Not so sexy.

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Copywriting 3.0: How to Bounce the
Fat Kid off the See-Saw

image of seesaw in playground

Today’s copywriter is more than a mere “wordsmith.”

If that’s how you think of yourself, you’ll be stuck in Junior Copywriter ad agency purgatory for eternity.

Think back to recess in third grade, when you kept getting stuck on the see-saw with the fat kid at the other end. All the cool kids were playing kickball. And there you were, waiting for the inevitable bounce.

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