Wake Up! 7 Simple Ways to
Energize Your Writing Powers

image of woman in bed

Do you sometimes feel like you’re in a rut with writing?

We all do from time to time.

It comes from getting too comfortable with the way we do things. We fall into familiar patterns and it puts us to sleep.

But waking yourself up isn’t as hard as you might think.

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8 Bad Habits that Crush Your Creativity and Stifle Your Success

image of squashed face

“The brain is a wonderful organ. It starts the moment you get up and doesn’t stop until you get into the office.” ~ Robert Frost

It’s a myth that only highly intelligent people are creative.

In fact, research shows that once you get beyond an I.Q. of about 120, which is just a little above average, intelligence and creativity are not at all related.

That means that even if you’re no smarter than most people, you still have the potential to wield amazing creative powers.

So why are so few people highly creative?

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A Four-Step Guide to Generating
Sales Leads from Your Blog

Dean: Did you know you can use your blog to make money offline?

Blogger: Offline? What is this “offline” you speak of?

Dean: It’s the opposite of “online.”

Blogger: (confused silence)

Dean: You know. Offline. Not on the internet. The real world.

Blogger: (shaking phone) Not only does this stupid phone drop my calls, now it’s translating them into crazy moon language.

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The 7 Secrets of Running a
Wildly Popular Blog

image of heart

Did you ever wonder why some blogs attract tons of readers and others don’t?

Of course you’ve wondered. We all have. Because if you’re reading this blog, you almost certainly have a blog of your own. You think it’s great, and you want lots of other people to think it’s great too.

So what’s the answer? Why do some blogs become more popular than others?

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How to Boost Your Sales with a Strong Guarantee

image of guarantee rubber stamp

You didn’t used to see many guarantees for online services and digital products.

But today’s new generation of bloggers and entrepreneurs have discovered that this age-old offline technique can be one of the most powerful routes to more sales.

They know that online buyers are plagued by fears and doubts. And there’s nothing that will kill a sale faster than doubt.

So what makes a good guarantee?

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How to Promote Your Blog on TV for
Way Less Than You Think

image of television

The idea of advertising a blog on TV is just plain crazy. Right?

Well, it used to be. But with the introduction of Google TV, that crazy idea isn’t so crazy anymore.

Google TV is part of Google AdWords, and it works much the same way. It’s an auction-based system where you choose the price you want to pay. Obviously, the more you pay, the more people you’re likely to reach. But it’s possible to run an ad on network television for as little as $20.

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