What Aristotle Can Teach You About Ethical Blogging


We already know that Aristotle can make you a more effective blogger. But can he make you a more ethical blogger, too?

And, in today’s online world, where transparency can occur whether you want it to or not, aren’t they really the same thing?

My favorite Aristotelian work is likely Nicomachean Ethics. I love the ideas involved: how personally demanding Aristotle’s ethical system is, and how difficult and challenging it is to live out. Of all of the ethical systems I’ve studied Aristotle’s stands head and shoulders above them all by offering many concepts and principles that should be present in any quality ethical system.

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Three Great Writing Techniques I Found While Watching Television


This is a guest post from Ryan Imel.

Great writing involves stepping outside of yourself and into the minds of your audience. Poor writers usually stand out because they haven’t read their material from another’s perspective. Even an inexperienced reader can pick up on thoughtless writing.

Television is full of writing that’s intended to fit its viewer. Bad writing, many might say, is characteristic of daytime soaps. There’s a reason they have a separate awards ceremony for this particular facet of television drama, right?

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Are You Blogging with Confident Feet?

Blogging Feet

I presented a new business concept to a group of investors last week. I’ve never been very nervous when speaking in public, but just because I’m comfortable doesn’t mean I’m perfect when speaking. In fact, it probably means my imperfections are more noticeable than anyone else’s.

I took extra care to watch my body language. Body language accounts for the majority of your communication – not your words. One thing I paid especially close attention to was how much my lower body moved.

What does this have to do with blogging? Stick with me for a bit.

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Steal This Copy: Finding Inspiration in the Work of Other Writers

Copywriting Thief

I had the pleasure of attending An Event Apart in Chicago a few weeks ago, for work. AEA is organized by the wonderful people at A List Apart which, if you make or manage websites, should be an essential on your list. It was a great experience, and I couldn’t be happier with how well the trip went. Chicago is an amazing city, and the speakers were all excellent and worthy of their places as industry leaders.

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If Your Blog Disappeared,
Who Would Miss It?

Disappearing Blogger

In my time working with churches, mainly in the area of marketing/design, one phrase has always stood out to me as particularly inspiring. If your church disappeared from the neighborhood, and in essence didn’t exist in your community, who would notice? This thought, really this meditation, has proven very useful for helping to guide many churches in what is (hopefully) the right direction. But I believe this concept can apply to other areas as well; say, for instance, blogs.

Who Would Miss Your Blog?

It’s a simple question, but one that provokes some interesting thoughts. If you are truly serving a niche with your blog, they should miss you if you’re not there. Imagine that you stopped blogging—would you get any emails asking you what’s up?

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How to Become an Authority Blogger

Authority Blogger image

I remember seeing one of my favorite comedians of all time, Jerry Seinfeld, a year or two ago. It was my birthday, and my dad took me because he knows what a big fan I am.

So we went, laughed at observations about dinner parties and airports, and went home. Thinking back, though, I found the experience curious.

Why do people keep going to see Jerry talk about stuff they experience on a regular basis? Why do they pay to watch him talk about trivial things like uncomfortable relationships and cleaning his apartment?

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