The Power of the Double-Whammy Headline: How to Increase the Chances of Your Content Being Read

Image of Batman and Robin at a Computer

Laurel and Hardy. Batman and Robin. Superman.

Which of these doesn’t quite fit?

Yup, it’s the guy who can’t handle Kryptonite. If Superman is in trouble, there’s almost no one to rescue him. But Hardy or Batman can get into all kinds of crazy trouble, and they’ll always have a nice partner there, ready to back them up.

The same applies to what I call the “Double-Whammy Headline.” It’s just like the usual compelling headline that draws in your reader … but it’s got backup.

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How to Know if You’re Entering a Viable Niche

Image of Chart for Solving Right-Angled Triangles

When western companies first visited a deregulated India, they were licking their fingers in anticipation.

India was a country of just under one billion people at the time, and businessmen were seeing dollar signs everywhere they looked.

But, numbers alone don’t make sales.

Many companies burned themselves trying to get off the ground, because the vast majority of people simply couldn’t or wouldn’t buy their products.

They learned — after a lot of trial and error — that sheer numbers aren’t everything.

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How to Weave a Story that Instantly Captivates Your Audience

image of old shoes

Yesterday, I went out to buy some walking shoes. I ended up spending $2000. And that’s not counting the shoes …

There’s a good chance those opening sentences got your attention. They sucked you in. And the reason you hear that strange sucking sound is because I didn’t start off the article like most people do.

Most people slide logically into an article.

But, most writers neglect the power of a story to captivate their audience immediately. And they neglect not just the story, but the middle of the story. Because there, smack bang in the middle, lies the real drama — the part that truly captivates your reader.

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The Secret to Landing Pages That Sell? Understand Your Unique Star …

image of fingerprint on paper

Almost every big Hollywood blockbuster you’ve ever watched has common factors. There is the star, and then there is the supporting cast.

The star gets all the lines. The star gets to do most of the work. The star is the focus, and gets most of the glory. The movie is about the star.

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How to Craft an Exciting Marketing Message … Even for a Boring Product

image of man yawning

Most of us struggle to find the uniqueness, the interestingness, in our products or services.

The reason we struggle is because we’re looking for something exciting and new to show our clients and customers.

All we seem to come up with though, is how mundane and uninteresting our wares seem to be. A long list of boring features, a tired value proposition that one hundred other businesses offer.

I’ve come to understand that marketing a boring product or service online can actually a very exciting exercise — for you, and your customers.

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How to Instantly Transform Your Landing Page Images from Good to Great

image of couple
Reading this post made us smarter, richer, more fascinating, and an average of 3 inches taller.

Let’s say you place a photo of a client on your landing page.

Just the photo. No client name. No title, or business name. No clue as to what industry that client is in, or where they come from.

Now, photos are a great addition to landing pages. Photos of happy clients help to build trust with your readers, showing the type of people who do business with you.

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