What if an A-List Blogger Decides to
Take You Down?

Michael Arrington

Michael Arrington of Tech Crunch shares the sunshine with all.

If that seems like an odd question, it is.

Still… what if?

We’re in a strange (if not brave) new world. For all the good it’s brought us, there’s a potentially dark underbelly that needs to be considered.

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How to Price Freelance Writing:
It’s All About Value

Beach Money

If you go looking for advice on how to price freelance writing work, you’ll find that one thing gets repeated nearly everywhere: don’t lowball yourself. There’s a natural tendency in business to feel like you need every client you can find, and that can often mean settling for a below-market rate in exchange for simply having the work. The standard advice is, “don’t fall into that trap.”

That’s a good, solid idea – as far as it goes. But there’s another aspect of the issue that doesn’t get discussed as often as it should. Namely, that setting rates and making determinations about who to work with should be as much a function of value as it is of price.

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