How the Right Words Help You Sell Better


The difference between the almost right word & the right word is the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning.

~ Mark Twain

Are you bringing the lightning with your copy? Or are your words more like a lightning bug, seemingly cool but without the true power of its namesake?

The English language is so rich with vocabulary that you’d be hard-pressed NOT to find the right word for any situation. But there’s a difference between choosing the perfect word and choosing an agonizingly long word just for the sake of sounding important.

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How to Write with Authority for a
Loyalty-Starved Market


These days, people are hungrier than ever for real authority. They’re tired of fluff, hype and “know-it-alls”. In the beginning of your writing, you’ll likely write with some uncertainty as you keep learning and growing – much like a child taking his first steps, but there comes a time where your writing “grows up” and you start to speak with greater directness and purpose.

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How to Sell High Ticket Items in a
Dwindling Economy


Sure, the words “disposable income” aren’t on anybody’s lips these days – but that doesn’t mean higher priced goods and services no longer have a market. While your competitors are undercutting each other’s prices – you can still come out on top and make more money than all of them without getting dragged into a price war.

Unlike a few years ago, where the most compelling reason to own a more expensive product or service was the brand itself and the way it distinguished you, these days people are starting to shift more toward “practical luxury”. Every feature is examined, every possible comparison is made, and every benefit is played over and over again in the customer’s head.

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