The 3-Step Cure for No-Sales Syndrome

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You’ve built a beautiful dream around having a successful business, making a living at your passion. You’re fired up. You’re ready to make your own decisions, be captain of your own fate.

You’re building an audience and boosting your credibility with great content.

Maybe you’re even savvy enough to capture that audience with an exceptional email autoresponder, to keep building loyalty and authority.

The problem is, you gathered your courage and tried selling your wonderful product or service … and there doesn’t seem to be anybody who wants to buy it.

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Is Starting Your Own Business Risky?

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Starting a business is risky. Horribly, terrifyingly risky.

Nearly all new businesses fail — that’s the official statistic, right? Some say 4 out of 5, some say as many as 95%.

Successful entrepreneurs have a different kind of DNA from the rest of us. Ice water runs through their veins. They thrive on risk. The more insane the odds, the better they like it.

For those of us who have families, or who just don’t feel like living on ramen for the next four years, we’re probably better off keeping the day job.

Do you believe any of those?

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The Writer (Still) Runs This Show

image of text from a Brian Clark post
Those are the opening lines of a post Brian wrote last year, one that has become a Copyblogger mantra — one of our core philosophies.

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Shiny: The Firefly Guide to Producing More Creative Content

image of Firefly characters Mal Reynolds and Zoe Washburne

I was reading Jonathan Fields’ new book Uncertainty: Turning Fear and Doubt into Fuel for Brilliance this weekend, and one of the insights that struck me the most was his breakdown of the two types of creativity.

Because analogies help us learn, and because Firefly is the best show that has ever been on television, I’m going to call the two types of creativity Mal Reynolds creativity (insight, vision, and brave new ideas) and Zoe Washburne creativity (actually getting something done).

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How to Master the One Trait That Makes You Unstoppable

image of black swan

Nassim Nicholas Taleb wrote about the black swan — the impossible-to-predict event that changes everything. The terrorist attack, the earthquake, the worldwide economic meltdown.

But in the world we live in now, it’s the white swan — the ordinary, predictable event — that’s becoming rare.

Black swans show up every day. Storms and disasters … and positive black swans, too, like world-changing technology.

Unpredictability is the new predictability, and the only thing we can be sure of is that the world will look almost unrecognizably different — even just a few years from today.

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Would You Trade Boredom for Stress to Have Your Own Business?

image of woman rock climber

I don’t have a cool life-or-death story.

I didn’t almost die from a snowboarding accident.

I wasn’t diagnosed as a toddler with an illness that was supposed to kill me.

I was a working mom with a good job. The money was good, the benefits were great, and the people were smart and nice.

I had a cute little private office and the company was doing interesting work. I had created my own department, and everything we did was based on something I had built. (For a control freak like me, this is a very pleasant.)

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