The 2011 Copyblogger Gratitude List

image of pumpkin pieTomorrow is Thanksgiving in the States … a day devoted to family, football, and eating our own weight in pie.

And, of course, gratitude.

I probably don’t take as much time as I should to sit down and think about everything I’m grateful for. The list is embarrassingly long, and it starts with the readers of this blog.

If I tried to list every single thing I’m grateful for, we’d both be here until after Groundhog Day. But I’d like to hit a few highlights — and to find out what’s on your gratitude list this year.

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The 5 Keys to Content Marketing Mastery

image of five old keys

What does it take to be the best?

The best copywriter, the best graphic designer, the best blogger, the best content marketer?

The off-the-cuff answer is 10,000 hours, popularized by the great Malcolm Gladwell book Outliers. That’s what you need to become a renowned concert violinist, a brilliant mathematician, a chess grandmaster, a Pulitzer-winning novelist.

That’s 20 hours a week for 10 years.

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Stalled Out With Your Online Marketing?
This May Be All You Need to Move Forward

image of rubber stampYou’re stuck again.

You know what you’re supposed to do. It’s not a matter of knowing the next steps — you know them, all right. You just aren’t taking them.

You watch while others pass you by. People who aren’t as good as you. People who don’t work as hard as you do.


Something is holding you back from taking the next step. From doing the scary part — the part that means you might actually succeed.

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The 3-Step Cure for No-Sales Syndrome

image of sad dog
You’ve built a beautiful dream around having a successful business, making a living at your passion. You’re fired up. You’re ready to make your own decisions, be captain of your own fate.

You’re building an audience and boosting your credibility with great content.

Maybe you’re even savvy enough to capture that audience with an exceptional email autoresponder, to keep building loyalty and authority.

The problem is, you gathered your courage and tried selling your wonderful product or service … and there doesn’t seem to be anybody who wants to buy it.

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Is Starting Your Own Business Risky?

image of tightrope walker

Starting a business is risky. Horribly, terrifyingly risky.

Nearly all new businesses fail — that’s the official statistic, right? Some say 4 out of 5, some say as many as 95%.

Successful entrepreneurs have a different kind of DNA from the rest of us. Ice water runs through their veins. They thrive on risk. The more insane the odds, the better they like it.

For those of us who have families, or who just don’t feel like living on ramen for the next four years, we’re probably better off keeping the day job.

Do you believe any of those?

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The Writer (Still) Runs This Show

image of text from a Brian Clark post
Those are the opening lines of a post Brian wrote last year, one that has become a Copyblogger mantra — one of our core philosophies.

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