Can You Give Away Too Much Content?

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Yesterday we talked about why it’s smart to hold a little something back in your marketing — to tease and fascinate the reader, to seduce the buyer with a bit of mystery, rather than giving everything away in your promotions.

This is particularly important for those of us in the online education and training business. It’s less of an issue with physical products. Let’s face it, there’s only so much fun you can have with that iPad while you’re sitting there in the Apple Store.

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How to Consistently Attract High-Quality
Traffic to Your Site

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What’s the first thing any business with a website needs?

Traffic, right? Without it, you’re dead in the water.

Your site design might be amazing. Your content might be useful and entertaining. Your salesmanship might be brilliant. But if no one’s visiting your pages, you’ve thrown a great party that no one showed up for.

And we can’t have that, now can we?

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The Market for Something to Believe in is Infinite: An Interview with Hugh MacLeod

We are here to find meaning. We are here to help other people do the same. Everything else is secondary.

We humans want to believe in our own species. And we want people, companies, and products in our lives that make it easier for us to believe in one another.

~Hugh MacLeod, from “The Hughtrain Manifesto.”

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Do You Have What it Takes to be an
Effective Leader?

image of Jillian Michaels

Last night I tuned in for one of my favorite guilty pleasures — watching The Biggest Loser on NBC.

The episode featured celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels being hurled off of the Auckland Sky Tower, the highest structure in the Southern Hemisphere.

(OK, she had a sort of bungee cord apparatus that kept her from falling to her doom. But you know there were still some cheers).

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Are You the “Likable Expert” that Owns Your Market?

image of Authority Rules report

You may have heard us say before that to attract traffic, engage readers, and convert them to buyers, you need to become an authority in your topic.

But what does that really mean?

Does it mean you puff yourself up and pretend to know more than you do?

Does it mean you put other people in your niche down?

Or does it mean you bore your audience to tears with dry, flavorless facts?

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Third Tribe is Closing to New Members: Get $981 Worth of Extra Goodies This Week Only

Daily Success Deals

A little more than a year ago, we tried out a new idea.

What if there was an online community where you could learn cutting-edge online marketing — without compromising your ideals or turning into some kind of internet hype machine?

What if you could listen in on some of the blogging world’s most successful entrepreneurs, like Darren Rowse, Brian Clark, and Chris Brogan?

What if you could have your individual business questions answered twice a month by these same entrepreneurs?

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