One Way to Make the Connections that Can Transform Your Business

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Once upon a time I was just another hard-working web writer trying to figure it all out.

Once upon a time I was frustrated by my corporate gig. Too chicken at that point to go out on my own, and too naive to package what I did know to be able to crush it in a corporate environment.

Once upon a time I was as dazed and confused as we all are when we start out. I had a lot of passion but I also had a bunch of gaps I needed to fill in.

And if I had to identify any turning point, when I was able to find a bit of an “Aha” moment and start to pull it all together, it just might be the first week of May, 2008.

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Try This: A Valentine’s Day Promotion for Content Marketers

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So you’re a happy internet marketer, writing awesome relationship-building content to promote your business.

Today I want to suggest a quick, simple promotion you can put together in the next couple of days and fire off next week. The business purpose? To strengthen one of the most important aspects of your business.

Every business needs a steady stream of new prospects, and there’s a lot of information out there to tell you how to attract and nurture those new prospects.

But most businesses — large and small — tend to chase new customers at the expense of their existing customers.

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Is it Finally Time for You to Step Up?

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A frail older woman, never married. Living in a large house that she has inherited. Her materials needs are met, but her days are lonely.

Health challenges have confined her to a wheelchair, and she is feeling increasingly isolated. Increasingly … useless.

Her life has very little meaning, and less pleasure. She wonders why she keeps going. And sometimes, very late at night, she considers simply … quietly saying good-bye.

But not today. Today she is having a visitor for tea, a friend of her nephew’s.

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Save $100 on SMX West: Search Marketing Expo in San Jose, CA

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The landscape of search and search engine marketing changes constantly.

To keep up, stay ahead, grow your business, and get more (and better) traffic to your site, you need the right help.

Search Marketing Expo is a conference that offers more than 50 cutting-edge sessions (as well as invaluable networking opportunities) covering the search marketing strategies and tactics you’ll need to thrive in 2013 and beyond.

Whether you are a beginner or a search marketing expert, whether you work at (or with) an agency or manage search marketing in-house, SMX West has programming to fit your needs.

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The Three Things This Viral Video Gets Exactly Right

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If you’ve been on Facebook for more than ten minutes, you’ve seen a friend share an interesting video.

Today I want to talk about one that was shared with me — about why it worked, what you can learn from it, and how you can break a complex piece of content down to get insights for your own material.

After I took a few minutes to watch the video, I immediately shared it. And then my friends shared it. And their friends shared it.

When I see that happening in my social media streams, I stop and pay attention.

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How to Transform Yourself from an Underpaid Copywriter into an Authoritative Content Producer

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You probably know that business and marketing are moving in a new direction.

You know that it’s based on producing high-quality content that attracts an audience and nurtures prospects.

And you might know that, increasingly, the author is going to be at the center of it all.

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