Why You Don’t Need to Freak Out over Google’s (Not Provided)

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We all know that SEO is evolving, right? The SEO world is prone to earthquakes, and the ground has been moving a lot lately. One of the latest temblors is a development known not-so-affectionately as “Not Provided.”

In the good old days, a useful thing you could do was to log into your Google Analytics setup and see exactly what words and phrases people were using to find your site.

Then Google started to hide that information for some searches. And in September, Google decided to make 100% of that search term data “not provided.”

So we web publishers have had a major piece of data — the precise strings of words that folks are using to find us — taken away. Which should be a major bummer for those of us who want to give web searchers a great experience with our wonderful content.

But it’s not worrying us here at Copyblogger, and it doesn’t need to worry you either.

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There is No ROI in Social Media Marketing

image of smart phone with social media iconsIt’s the online business equivalent of jeans that don’t make your butt look big. Social media ROI is everyone’s holy grail of the moment.

And it’s easy to see why. If a business is going to put the time, effort, and attention into social media marketing, it would be nice to think we’d actually get some sales out of it.

In other words, we want a return on our investment.

Sonia Simone talked recently with Sean Jackson, Copyblogger Media’s CFO, about the ROI of social media. She expected to hear one answer, but was surprised to get something very different.

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