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3 Content Marketing Infographics to Help You Present Your Ideas with Style

Copyblogger Collection - three infographics to inspire your content

Style is the answer to everything.
A fresh way to approach a dull or dangerous thing.
To do a dull thing with style is preferable to doing a dangerous thing without it.
To do a dangerous thing with style is what I call art.
– Charles Bukowski, Style

The concept of style has multiple layers of meanings, and this week’s Copyblogger Collection contains multiple layers of insights.

At first glance, the following is a series of three handpicked content marketing lessons that will show you:

  • How to tell a meaningful marketing story
  • How to optimize every blog post you write
  • How to avoid landing page pitfalls that make you lose business

Within these lessons, however, you’ll also discover three different types of infographics.

Infographics visually depict your unique perspective and immediately communicate style.

As you work your way through the material below, consider how you can attract new readers with intriguing illustrations that complement your written content.

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3 Resources to Help Content Marketers Learn About Smart Web Design

Copyblogger Collection - web design tips for content marketers

I like to snack. I’m a big snacker.

And I like to examine the packaging that houses my snacks. It’s a side effect of being a content marketer.

Recently, I studied the wrapper of a granola bar. One side listed the ingredients, and the other side was white with small, green polka dots.

Polka dots seem upbeat and happy — feelings the manufacturer wants you to have when you eat their granola bar, so that you associate their product with positive emotions and continue to purchase it.

But I have no idea if that was the intention; I’m no design expert.

That’s why I’m going to direct you to distinguished designers who will help you enhance your content with smart and beautiful web design.

This week’s Copyblogger Collection is a series of three handpicked articles that will show you:

  • How to use visual hierarchy to create clear and easy-to-read web pages
  • How to use web design to better connect you to your audience
  • How to know when your web design is done

As you work your way through the material below, think of the following lessons as a mini web design course for content marketers.

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3 Resources to Help You Write Thought-Provoking Content that Gets People Talking

Copyblogger Collection - give readers something to talk about

While we want people to view, talk about, and share our content, we’re often afraid of negative reactions.

We might even refrain from publishing our writing because we fear that our projects will look “stupid,” despite our thoughtful efforts and hard work.

The day you overcome the fear of looking “stupid,” you’ll feel extremely free.

Overcoming that fear is a two-step process.

Step One: realize that creative folks who produce content regularly don’t necessarily think their work is brilliant and immune to criticism — they just don’t care anymore if it happens to be perceived as “stupid,” “bad,” or “pointless.”

How do you stop caring? That’s Step Two: you must have confidence in your work and accept that it will take on a life of its own after you present it to the world.

To help you feel confident about your creations no matter how they’re interpreted, today’s Copyblogger Collection is a series of three handpicked articles that will show you:

  • How to become an experienced writer
  • How to communicate your expertise so you stand out from the crowd
  • How to write blog posts that make people want to work with you

As you study the following lessons, consider how you can produce meaningful work that makes you proud and sparks a conversation.

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3 Resources to Help You Build Outstanding Online Courses

Copyblogger Collection - craft superb online courses

“Choosy moms choose Jif” is one of my favorite taglines, for peanut butter or otherwise.

The product’s message stands for more than just peanut butter.

Jif paints a subtle picture of an elite group: choosy moms. Choosy moms only buy the best food for their children.

Any mom who aspires to be part of a group of selective moms would value what Jif represents and feel good about purchasing the brand of peanut butter.

When you turn your educational content into an online course or membership site, how can you communicate to your potential students or members that you have the knowledge that will help them become the people they want to be?

This week’s Copyblogger Collection is a series of three handpicked articles that will show you:

  • How to structure and sell your natural expertise
  • How to attract students who want to learn from you
  • How to create a valuable lesson plan that sells your online course and motivates your students

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3 Resources to Help You Achieve Digital Commerce Success

Copyblogger Collection - Use content to boost sales

I’ve never claimed I invented the Internet, but at one time I thought I invented the idea of a digital business. Let me explain.

In 2008, I set out to establish Revision Fairy, my own online editing and proofreading service. Since I wasn’t planning to interact with any clients in person or over the phone, my business, which would also sell ebooks, was 100 percent digital.

I thought I conjured up a revolutionary concept because I didn’t know anyone else who had ventured into this unknown, pixel-dominated territory. Simultaneously, I was struggling because I didn’t know where to look for guidance about legitimate digital commerce.

Then I discovered a blog called Copyblogger written by a guy named Brian Clark (you may have heard of him). All of the practical content marketing and copywriting advice Brian wrote about made me feel like my idea to sell digital products and services was possible.

I studied Copyblogger daily because Brian understood what I wanted to accomplish. He provided the information I needed to keep following my vision — and the rest, as they say, is history.

This week’s Copyblogger Collection is a series of three handpicked articles that will show you:

  • How to decide which content to sell and what to give away for free
  • How to create a digital home that welcomes visitors
  • How to put together irresistible digital product packages

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3 Resources to Help You Get Smart about Your Social Media Content Strategy

Copyblogger Collection - harness the power of social media content

The other night, when I was standing in line for a comedy show, the guy behind me glanced up from staring at his phone and said, “So many people these days are making a living off of social media.”

“Oh? Is that right?” I played dumb, hoping he would elaborate.

Social Media Guy continued to explain the “possibilities” for financial success on Snapchat, Vine, and YouTube.

“Hmmm. Very interesting,” I replied.

Since I was off the clock, I refrained from giving him a lesson about digital sharecropping and how the real beneficiaries of these social media “possibilities” are the companies who build social media platforms and encourage people to create content on them — on platforms content creators don’t own.

I saved that lesson for you. This week’s Copyblogger Collection is a series of three handpicked articles that will show you:

  • How to avoid the trap social media networks want you to fall in
  • How to invest your time on social media in a smart way
  • How to create social proof for your products and services that is independent of any one social media network

As you work your way through the material below, think of the following lessons as a mini social media content strategy course.

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