The 8 Laws of Being of Service

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I’ve got an ego big enough you could weekend there.  The views are gorgeous and there’s some pretty good fishing up there too.

So I sometimes wonder if I’m in this coaching/writing thing for the wrong reasons.  Do I do this just to fuel my ego and because I want to feel good about myself?

I know that when I’m working with someone and it all goes great, I feel fantastic. I’ve received cards and gifts from clients who’ve thanked me profusely, and I feel on top of the world as a result.

“I must be bloody good,” I think to myself as I ponder just how tall the statue of me will be when they decide to open a park or a hospital in my name.

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7 Ways Being More Confident Will
Make You More Money

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Building a business while fighting your fears is no picnic.

Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of making the wrong decision, fear of having people follow what you do, fear that people won’t follow what you do.

Holy moly, who’d want to have a picnic with those guys around?

Left to their own devices, those fears will hinder your ability to build the successful, profitable business that you want. But when you build enough self-confidence, you’ll be more than a match for any fear or challenge you’re faced with.

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5 Reasons Why Trying to be
Successful Will Keep You Poor

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Dave Navarro wrote recently that worrying about what you’re doing (or not doing) is the surest way to keep you poor and unsuccessful.

It’s a cracking article with a heap of good points, one of them being that the key difference in the way successful people operate is that they see failure as an integral part of the process of achieving success.

That’s true. Unless you plan on spending all your time underneath your duvet, failure is in your destiny. Trying to minimize or avoid failure will not help you be successful.

But here’s the thing. Trying to be successful will not help you actually become successful, either.

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Beyond Motivation:
Getting to What Really Drives You

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What drives you to write?

To earn some green-backs and keep the wolves from the door? To earn praise? Create a community?

Or maybe you’re convinced your story will help someone else? Or that you can help other people find important information?

Are you compelled to write because you’ll settle for nothing less than changing the world?

You know how to get to Carnegie Hall, right?

Motivation, man, motivation.

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5 Guaranteed Ways to Hate Your
Own Writing

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If you’re like the majority of writers out there, you’re a self-doubting bundle of neuroses, determined to believe that your writing will never be good enough.

That’s the life of the tortured, misunderstood writer, right?

What’s that? You think you’re pretty good at writing and actually like some of your own work?

Don’t worry, it’s just a blip. With these 5 tips you’ll soon be joining the rest of the writing community in feeling crappy about your ability and so-called “talent.”

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Holding Back Online? 5 Ways to
Share Your Story with Confidence

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This blogging and social media thing is easy, right?

Set yourself up with a free blog, have something you want to post about and off you go. Tweet about it, hook into Facebook and you’re flying. As easy as baking candy.

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