How to Be a Better Writer in the
Next 10 Minutes


Wanna be a better writer?

Wanna do it quickly and painlessly?

Here’s how in 4 steps.

1. Step away from the keyboard. Take a walk, put on some music, even do the dishes, whatever. Just get 10 minutes of you time.

2. Look into your head for all the things you’re saying to yourself that are making writing harder than you want it to be.

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How to Handle Criticism


Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain… and most fools do. ~ Dale Carnegie

At some point somebody’s going to have something to say about something you’ve written, and you might not like it.

Your first reaction could be any one of these:

“Why is everyone smarter than me?” or “That’s it, I’m quitting,” or even… “I’m gonna find out where you live and head over to deliver a boot full of whoop-ass.”

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Want to Know the Real Reason
Why You Write?

Why Write?

What is it that makes you want to slave over an article or a blog post, to get your point across and to have other people read your words? What is it that makes you – or any of us for that matter – want to write?

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How to Write With Confidence


Writing sounds easy enough, right? Just slap some words onto a page, spell-check, sense-check, job done.

Piece of cake.

Or at least it would be if you didn’t start second guessing yourself.

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