How to Build an Email List that
Builds Your Business [Free Webinar]

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If you want to build your business online, there’s no better way to do it than by building an audience first.

An audience gives you everything you need — direct or indirect feedback, the sharing of your content, ideas for products and services, and eventually … revenue.

And there’s no better way to build a responsive, buying audience than with email marketing.

But how do you build that initial audience? How do you organically grow a responsive, permission-based, spam-free list?

Brian Clark and I are teaming up with our friends over at Aweber next Tuesday to answer those questions, and more …

In this Aweber-hosted webinar, Brian and I will share:

  • What a Minimum Viable Audience is, and why you need one
  • The right ingredients to organically grow a healthy opt-in email list
  • How minimum is minimum when it comes to an email list that works?
  • How to read your audience’s mind: the right and wrong way
  • What the “lean startup” trend can teach you about building an audience

Join us on Tuesday. Find out how to start from scratch with your email marketing … the right way.

Click here to register for this webinar (no charge) airing on Tuesday, September 18, from 2 – 3pm Eastern U.S. time. See you there!

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Reader Comments (18)

  1. says

    I’ve found the eBook worked really well for some time but now the video series is working a lot better.

    Also thinking a lot about using a minimum style theme on my WordPress site so its a clearer and less cluttered.

  2. says

    Awesome! This is just the information I have been looking for. I started my blog a month ago and I’m excited to learn more about this as it is my first time setting it up. Thanks guys!

  3. says

    If we are unavailable for the Webinar at the time it’s offered, are we able to access it later — although I realize we won’t be able to ask any questions. Thanks! This is a great idea.

  4. says

    Hi Brian and Sonia,
    This sounds awesome and just what I need right now. Are you reading my mind? I’m all signed up, along with my assistant too. Thanks for offering this webinar topic.
    Warm regards,

  5. says

    Fantastic! Definitely going to dive into this.List building is the most essential component to making serious income online in my opinion; it’s what I’ll be teaching all my readers, too.

    Definitely – building an audience is what it’s all about. I think building micro niche sites is OK if you have the knack for that kind of thing, i.e. keyword research! But some of us prefer to actually be ourselves, and write content that we are passionate about; that’s what ultimately helps us to deliver good value and content, which ultimately will lead to a highly warm list – one that we can continue to market to, and sell to.

    Looking forward to this one.

    Cheers guys.

  6. says

    I missed it too!! Found it too late. Is there any recording available or new dates for an upcoming webinar?

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