How to Get a Copyblogger Blog Consultation, Even if You Didn’t Win

So, there’s good news and bad news.

The bad news is that if you haven’t heard from me, you didn’t score one of the free blog consultations.

The good news is that Brian and I talked, and we are going to open up 10 more spots. This time though, I’m going to do things a bit differently.

You see, we always thought offering blog consultations might be popular, but we had no idea how popular. I thought we might get somewhere between 60 and 100 takers, and Brian projected a bit more. Neither of us were prepared for what happened though. We received an application almost every single minute for three straight hours. It took me almost an entire day to read them all!

The worst part is lots of people wanted in really bad. They begged. They hit me up on twitter. They offered bribes (the plate of cookies was tempting, by the way). I could’ve picked only those people, I suppose, but that wouldn’t have been fair. Besides, there still weren’t enough spots.

Figuring out how to handle it really became a problem. It was a good problem, sure, but a problem nonetheless. So, Brian and I got on the phone yesterday and talked about what to do. Here’s what we decided.

How to Get 1 of the 10 Spots

To put it simply: I’m going to charge a reasonable fee.

Not a huge amount of money, as you might expect. I’m not trying to be greedy, which would be totally against the spirit of what I was trying to do, which was to give back.

At the same time, one of the cardinal rules of marketing is to give people what they want. Get their contact info and ask them to come back later, if need be. But never, ever ignore people when they tell you they want something.

So here’s the deal. For $95, I’ll take a look at your blog and get on the phone with you for 30 minutes, giving you advice that’s specifically tailored to you. Considering a lot of e-books cost that much, and the advice isn’t nearly so personal, I figure that’s a steal and still at least somewhat in the spirit of giving back.

Of course, I’m also slammed with all of the other consultations, as well as everything else we’re doing here at Copyblogger, so I can’t do a bunch of these right now. So I’m going to limit it to only 10 people. I’ll probably do more in the future, but it’s going to be a while, and the price tag will probably be higher.

To get a spot now, shoot me an email at Jon (at) This time, I won’t be picking anyone. The first 10 people to email me will get a spot. If you’re not in the first 10, I’ll also hold on to your contact information and give you advance notice when we decide to do something like this again.

About the Author: Jon Morrow is the Associate Editor of Copyblogger and Cofounder of Partnering Profits. Get more from Jon on twitter.

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