3 Resources to Help You Get Smart about Your Social Media Content Strategy

Copyblogger Collection - harness the power of social media content

The other night, when I was standing in line for a comedy show, the guy behind me glanced up from staring at his phone and said, “So many people these days are making a living off of social media.”

“Oh? Is that right?” I played dumb, hoping he would elaborate.

Social Media Guy continued to explain the “possibilities” for financial success on Snapchat, Vine, and YouTube.

“Hmmm. Very interesting,” I replied.

Since I was off the clock, I refrained from giving him a lesson about digital sharecropping and how the real beneficiaries of these social media “possibilities” are the companies who build social media platforms and encourage people to create content on them — on platforms content creators don’t own.

I saved that lesson for you. This week’s Copyblogger Collection is a series of three handpicked articles that will show you:

  • How to avoid the trap social media networks want you to fall in
  • How to invest your time on social media in a smart way
  • How to create social proof for your products and services that is independent of any one social media network

As you work your way through the material below, think of the following lessons as a mini social media content strategy course.

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Brian Clark on Why Not Being a Techie May Be a Benefit to Starting a Technology Company


It’s hard to be a non-techie in this tech-driven world. So it may seem almost impossible to start or run a tech company when you’re not one.

But as the founder and CEO of Rainmaker Digital (Brian Clark) is going explain, that lack of technical expertise may be your greatest asset.

While Brian understands technology well, he’s made it a practice of finding the right partners to build what has evolved into Rainmaker Digital.

Trust, open feedback, and understanding your customers needs are the tip of the iceberg when starting a tech company. But as Brian points out, it isn’t always the technical skills that make a great technology-focused CEO.

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Good, Good, Good Advice for Recording Interview Guests and Co-Hosts


This episode outlines the best practices for recording good audio for yourself, your guest, and your co-host(s). And yes, Jerod Morris and Jon Nastor have addressed this topic before, but never quite like this …

This week’s episode begins with a callback to last week, as Jerod notes a massive bit of irony that came out of the episode about when to use scripts (and when not to).

Then Jerod and Jon dive into this week’s main topic, prefacing it by explaining how it seems like they’ve been getting an inordinate amount of questions about this lately.

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How to Keep Your Customers Coming Back for More


In the fourth part of The Mainframe’s series on membership sites, hosts Tony Clark and Chris Garrett outline strategies for keeping your customers sticking around and holding their interest.

Listen in to find out all the details.

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How to Effectively Use LinkedIn Sponsored Updates


AJ Wilcox, one of the superstar Missing Link LinkedIn group members (and a LinkedIn ads expert), shares a case study you’ll want to emulate to get the most out of Sponsored Updates on LinkedIn.

Get this, AJ took his target goal from 600,000 prospects all the way to 2.1 million in just a few steps.

And, if you don’t think you need to follow through on your analytics research for your ad campaigns, AJ shares why you need to look at the entire sales funnel. The benefit and cost savings for your ad campaigns and their effectiveness will make you a believer.

In this 30-minute jam-packed episode, AJ Wilcox shares amazing statistics, tips, tools, and information that Sean Jackson and Mica Gadhia know you’ll want to use.

Join Sean and Mica as AJ shows you how to take your targeted campaign further than you thought possible. And it’s not the way you might have expected.

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Email Newsletters vs. Content Notifications: A Head-to-Head Comparison

which one won? newsletters vs notifications

Remember when email newsletters were the latest, greatest thing in online marketing?

Remember when you could add a form to your sidebar that simply said, “Sign up to receive my newsletter” and people would join your list in droves?

Unfortunately, those days are over. In today’s overcrowded online market, getting email subscribers is a lot more complicated than it used to be.

Most people are rabidly protective of their email inboxes, and we’re understandably hesitant to sign up for yet another newsletter we’re not going to have time to read.

What people do want, though, is good content. They want helpful, useful, and entertaining articles, podcast episodes, and videos that will make their lives easier and solve their problems.

As a content marketer, what does that mean for you?

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How to Develop a Six-Figure Side Gig


In this episode of Youpreneur.FM, host Chris Ducker sits down and talks with Dr. Mark Costes as they dive into how he came from being a burned-out entrepreneur to sharing the struggles and strategies he’s come across while growing his six-figure side gig.

There comes a time in the journey of many entrepreneurs when they are simply burned out, stressed out, and exhausted. Chris has been there and so has today’s guest.

Dr. Mark Costes is an entrepreneur and dentist combined; by the age of 33, he had built six successful practices and was coaching other dentists to do the same.

He was making seven figures, but it came with a heavy price tag; he was running himself into the ground and wasn’t spending time with his family. He knew things in his business had to change.

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3 Things Your Audience Wants You to Know about Useful Content


Publishing useful content is the backbone of any content marketing strategy. But what does it mean to be useful?

Useful content boils down to three things: education, entertainment, and inspiration. And if you can combine all three … you have a winner.

Sometimes, though, you don’t need to entertain. You just need to educate. That’s the case with, say, an irrigation company.

But other times, you need to educate and entertain. That’s exactly what Jon Rimmerman does to move cases and cases of very expensive wine.

These are both winners when it comes to useful content. In essence, useful content respects the audience’s needs and tastes.

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How to Accidentally Start (then Scale) a Business


Today’s guest on Hack the Entrepreneur is the President of the Statements Brand, which includes Statements the Salon, Statements the Academy, Statements Photography, and The Statements Project.

She has been in the beauty industry 24 years and an “accidental” entrepreneur for 17 years after accidentally opening a salon at the age of 18.

She still works behind the chair with her team of 50 stylists, as well as educating, managing, and transitioning new talent into the cosmetology industry.

Her salon has been named Best Salon in Prince William County and Northern Virginia for more than five years running and is due to break $3 million in revenue this year.

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A Reporter Called Me Back … Now What?!


You did it! You pitched a reporter, and he or she called you for comment.

In this episode of PR is Dead, you’ll learn best practices for making the most of this exciting opportunity.

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