How to Structure and Sell Your Natural Expertise

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Way back in late 2009, I was getting antsy, on both a personal and a professional level.

I had run my own design studio for almost 20 years. And I’d created just about anything a designer could create, from business cards to billboards — even a glossy, full-color national magazine.

But despite my success, I started to feel like there was “more” that I wanted to do with my career.

And one day, in a quiet moment, I heard a question:

Where will you grow from here?

I needed to answer that question. But how?

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The Single Word that Can Cripple Any Online Entrepreneur


Fear is one of the dirtiest words in the English language — and something that every one of us faces.

No Sidebar host Brian Gardner has been an online entrepreneur for eight years now, and he has said “I am afraid” an infinite number of times. You’d think that working on the Internet, where it’s easy to hide and take shots without really being known, would lessen the pain.

In 2007, Brian faced his greatest leap of faith when he left a cushy job as a project manager for an architectural firm to become a freelance web designer.

At the time, he didn’t know that journey would be full of ups and downs and that it wouldn’t be the only time he had to make a serious choice.

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The Critical Importance of the Pre-Sell


What stops people from buying from you? Why do some launches fall flat?

In this episode of The Mainframe, join hosts Chris Garrett and Tony Clark as they reveal the key strategy that will allow you to not only sell more of your products and services to more people, but will also reduce refunds and improve your audience’s relationship with you.

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How to Write Headlines that Get Results


Headline writing is probably the first and most important skill you need to learn as a web writer.

John Caples called it the most important part of an advertisement. That’s why he dedicates four out of 18 chapters to headline writing in his book Tested Advertising Methods.

And you can sum up those four chapters in one hyphenated word.

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Is ‘Choose Yourself’ Good Advice … or New-Age Phooey?


Seth Godin says “pick yourself.” Choose yourself. Select yourself. It’s a refrain we hear across the web. But what does it really mean?

On the latest episode of The Lede, the second in the “Hero versus Villain” series, Jerod Morris and Demian Farnworth debate this question.

Before you listen, see if you can guess which side of the debate each of them is on. ;-)

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Making Time for Your Online Business in the Fringe Hours


Today’s guest on Hack the Entrepreneur is different than every other guest who has been on the show so far. She is an entrepreneur, but only during her “Fringe Hours.”

One of the hardest parts of starting your own business and becoming an entrepreneur is finding the time. This can get even harder when you have a job, family, and all of the demands that come with both.

She has a full-time job working in social media and content development at a Children’s hospital, she is a mom to three beautiful children — the youngest being only a few weeks old at the time of this conversation.

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3 Juicy Marketing Questions Answered


This week on Confessions of a Pink-Haired Marketer, Sonia Simone is pleased to have three big questions from Authority, our community of content marketers.

Major thanks and kudos to David, Julie, and Mike for the food for thought …

Here are three really smart questions from the audience … and some in-depth answers.

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Where Headlines Have Gone Horribly Wrong


When I was young, I sported pink hair, suede sneakers, raver jeans, and punk t-shirts.

Sure, I was cool, but strike up a conversation and you’d wonder if something was wrong with me.

I had nothing interesting to say. I was all show.

And that, unfortunately, is the direction online content has been going.

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4 Ways to Identify Site Visitors (and Why It Matters)

Image description

You think we all would know what marketing automation meant, the way we throw the phrase around in the corporate hallways and home offices of America.

“Reginald, what you need is a marketing automation solution — then your sales team would be balling!”

That’s the idea. Software that captures, nurtures, and delivers leads to a sales team. But not everyone needs this style of marketing automation.

Case in point: Copyblogger Media.

A little more than a year ago, we hired a well-known marketing automation provider to help us convert more of our traffic into sales. We spent several weeks with them adding code and tweaking analytics.

It was some scary good stuff. Then they asked about our sales team.

“Eh, the sales team?”

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Last Week to Save on Authority Rainmaker 2015

image of Seth Godin opening Authority Intensive 2014 while Brian Clark looks on — this week is your last week to get the Early Bird Price on tickets to Authority Rainmaker 2015

We call Authority Rainmaker a different kind of online marketing conference … and that’s for many good reasons.

Rather than a multi-track free-for-all that requires you to choose between sessions and gamble on what’s worth your precious time, Authority Rainmaker is a cohesive two-day presentation in itself. The four segments—design, content, traffic, and conversion—provide an integrated bundle of tactics within a broader strategic approach to effective online marketing.

And there’s no “call for speakers.” We handpick each industry expert, and then collaborate with them individually to deliver the perfect piece of the broader puzzle.

It’s more work, and worth it — judging from the response we got from last year’s attendees and speakers. In fact, two of this year’s session topics were overhauled in the last two weeks to ensure the most current and relevant information possible.

Finally, the agenda is set. Head over and check it out for yourself. Also, we have discounted hotel rooms still available, but not for long.

Make sure to secure your spot before March 31, when our Early Bird pricing ends. You’ll find that given the included education, networking, parties, food and drinks, Authority Rainmaker is the best value in the business.

Grab your seat for Authority Rainmaker: May 13–15, 2015, Denver, Colorado.