49 Creative Ways You Can Profit From
Content Marketing

Content Marketing 101

This is an installment in the Content Marketing 101 series.

Maybe you think “content marketing” means having a blog that makes money. Or that it’s about producing content for sites like ezinearticles and Squidoo. Or having an email autoresponder.

Content marketing is bigger than that.

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The Outsourcing Conspiracy Report


Editor’s Note: This report is no longer available, we’ll let you know if and when we update and republish it.

Have you ever noticed when a new free report is announced online, it’s often pitched as “controversial” and “likely to upset people,” but mostly, it’s not controversial at all?

I hope that’s the case here, but I have serious doubts.

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50 Trigger Words and Phrases for
Powerful Multimedia Content

Multimedia Copywriting

Mark Twain said the difference between the right word and the almost right word is “the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.” Twain had an incredible knack for nicely summing it all up, didn’t he?

The value of your content and/or your offer is what ultimately matters. And yet the words you use to demonstrate that value and present that offer will determine to what degree people take action.

The goal of this post is to give you some examples of words that bring the lightning. And by lightning I mean words that invoke and engage emotion.

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7 Useful Links for Weekend Reading


It’s no secret that much of the link-sharing that goes on these days happens on Twitter instead of blogs, so here are some of the links I shared over there this week. I’m not sure how regular a feature this will be, however, so follow Copyblogger on Twitter for all the real-time linky goodness.

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Landing Page Makeover Clinic #15: TheWeddingLens.com

Landing Page Makeover

This is another addition to our ongoing series of tutorials and case studies on landing pages that work.

Chuck Templeton had a vision. A place where the bridal couple and party and wedding guests, in addition to the traditional wedding photographer, could take, upload and share their photos in a private, online album to be enjoyed by the bride and groom (or bride-bride/groom-groom) and all invitees.

And not just the wedding either. Folks can add photos from rehearsal dinners, bridal showers, bachelor parties – even tasteful honeymoon shots, if so inclined. There’s a premium version (no online ads) that sells for $49.95/year as well as a free version which incorporates online advertising.

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The Three Essentials of
Breakthrough Content Marketing

Content Marketing 101

This is an installment in the Content Marketing 101 series.

Your business needs help, fast. Your site isn’t getting the traffic you need. You aren’t converting that traffic to sales. The tactics you used to rely on aren’t working. And the lousy economy means you won’t be able to even give up in disgust and just keep (or go get) a day job.

You want to find your own village of loyal customers, but you can’t seem to capture their attention. And when you do get it, you aren’t closing as many sales as you need to.

You need to know what works today to find customers and persuade them to buy. And the answer to that question is content marketing.

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Gary Vaynerchuk’s Secret Ingredient
(And Why You Might Not Need It)

Gary Vaynerchuk

A lot of golfers envy Tiger Woods. And a lot of bloggers envy Gary Vaynerchuk.

But is that a good comparison?

It may well be, because Gary has used social media to rocket his company to fame (and reasonable fortune). And he’s done it mostly through blogging and social networking.

So does that mean Gary Vee succeeds purely on the basis of his enthusiasm, content, and consistency? Of course, all of that counts.

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Three Grammar Rules You Can (And Should) Break

English Grammar

Grammar rules exist so that we don’t sound like complete idiots when we write. Most of them have a good reason for being around; after all, clarity in communication is a good thing. A virtue, even.

However, that’s not to say that all grammar rules are written in stone. In fact, some of them seem to be the work of rabid grammarians, who gleefully enforce confusing syntax and awkward construction in the name of “proper English.”

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How to Laugh Your Way to
More Creative Copy

Laughing Alligator

Let’s say a researcher gives you a candle, a box of tacks, and a book of matches. Your mission: affix the candle to a corkboard in such a way so that, when lit, wax doesn’t drip onto the floor.

Nothing funny about that, right?

But a funny joke might just help you solve this creative challenge. And laughter in general may help you write better copy.

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Persuasive Online Video Strategies
That Prompt Action

Multimedia Copywriting

Video can be highly effective as a persuasive and engaging form of web content. But all too often, it’s… well, not.

Online video must be engaging before it can be persuasive. Just as with getting someone to read an entire article, the idea is to get someone to start watching, and keep watching until the end, or at least to the point where you prompt the viewer to take a desired action.

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