How to Laugh Your Way to
More Creative Copy

Laughing Alligator

Let’s say a researcher gives you a candle, a box of tacks, and a book of matches. Your mission: affix the candle to a corkboard in such a way so that, when lit, wax doesn’t drip onto the floor.

Nothing funny about that, right?

But a funny joke might just help you solve this creative challenge. And laughter in general may help you write better copy.

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Persuasive Online Video Strategies
That Prompt Action

Multimedia Copywriting

Video can be highly effective as a persuasive and engaging form of web content. But all too often, it’s… well, not.

Online video must be engaging before it can be persuasive. Just as with getting someone to read an entire article, the idea is to get someone to start watching, and keep watching until the end, or at least to the point where you prompt the viewer to take a desired action.

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The 3 Secret Persuasion Techniques
Every Kid Knows

Cute Kid

You’ve been working on your blog and need a break. So you kiss your spouse and head out the door for a walk.

But your child’s voice stops you cold.

“Are you bringing home the toy you promised?”

You feign ignorance. “Toy? What toy?”

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How to Handle Criticism


Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain… and most fools do. ~ Dale Carnegie

At some point somebody’s going to have something to say about something you’ve written, and you might not like it.

Your first reaction could be any one of these:

“Why is everyone smarter than me?” or “That’s it, I’m quitting,” or even… “I’m gonna find out where you live and head over to deliver a boot full of whoop-ass.”

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Why Long Copy Will Never Die

It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever. ~ Kyle Reese, The Terminator

Remember the first time you saw it?

The yellow highlighter? The centered red headlines? The fake handwriting and the blinking arrows?

You thought the same thing everyone thinks. “Who in their right mind would give this person a credit card number?”

You didn’t realize what a ruthless, efficient machine you were looking at.

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Four Copywriting Techniques for Engaging Podcasts and Audio Presentations

Multimedia Copywriting

There’s nothing easier than audio content, right? Just fire up your recording software or teleseminar service and start talking away….

Well, sure… but “easy to create” doesn’t guarantee anyone will listen (or keep listening). Take some time to structure and prepare for your recording, however, and you can crank out exceptionally engaging audio content that still only takes a fraction of the time that polished writing would.

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How To Get Great Copywriters to
Mentor You For Free


If you’ve ever longed to write with the same persuasive power and attention-holding prose as your copywriting heroes, a one-on-one mentorship could be your most effective way of getting very good, very fast. But what if you don’t have the money or opportunity to mentor with the best of the best (or worse, your copywriter of choice is no longer with us)? What do you do then?

It’s easy. You get inside their head, and you get all the mentoring you need … for free. Here’s how.

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Does Copywriting Matter to the
Multimedia Web?

Multimedia Copywriting

It’s no secret that the web is moving more and more toward video and audio content. Text is still going strong and will always be a prominent part of the web content mix, but the shift to multimedia will only continue and intensify.

And for some, this is very good news. Not every one is (or wants to be) a great writer, and audio and video content can allow these folks to shine.

So does copywriting matter if you’re not dealing exclusively with the written word?

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How to Create Dreamy Content
While You Sleep

Asleep at the Keyboard

Having trouble coming up with creative angles for your content?

Beating your head against the wall trying to come up with fresh ideas that take your online marketing from good to great?

Maybe you should take a nap.

Or drift off into a daydream.

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How the Right Words Help You Sell Better


The difference between the almost right word & the right word is the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning.

~ Mark Twain

Are you bringing the lightning with your copy? Or are your words more like a lightning bug, seemingly cool but without the true power of its namesake?

The English language is so rich with vocabulary that you’d be hard-pressed NOT to find the right word for any situation. But there’s a difference between choosing the perfect word and choosing an agonizingly long word just for the sake of sounding important.

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