3 Simple Storytelling Methods That Can
Do Your Selling For You

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Sometimes this gets me in trouble with the hardcore copywriters …

I believe a story can potentially carry the entire sale for your product, even if everything else is technically “wrong” in your ads (no clear call to action, lame bullets, weak offer, etc).

Take the 1986 box office hit “Top Gun”, for example.

Top Gun is about a couple of hotshot Naval pilots given a chance to train with the “best of the best” pilots in the world at the “Top Gun” fighter pilot school. And it was, in many ways, an extremely profitable sales letter.

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21 Warning Signs You’re Becoming a Social Media Snob

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Ever think you might be starting to take social media a little too seriously?

Sure, it started out innocently enough.

You were hanging out with family and friends, cracking jokes, sharing cool ideas, and having some good old-fashioned fun on Farmville. You know, pretty much like everyone else online.

Without even realizing it though, your perspective began to shift.

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15 Grammar Goofs That Make You Look Silly

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We’re big advocates of conversational writing that’s engaging, persuasive, and fun. So that means it’s perfectly fine to fracture the occasional stuffy grammatical rule (and many times it’s preferable).

On the other hand, making some grammatical errors just makes you look bad, and hurts your effectiveness. Sometimes we even misuse words simply because we hear others use them incorrectly.

So, we’ve assembled the 15 most egregious grammar goofs into one helpful infographic. With this handy reference, you’ll never look silly again.

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The 10-Minute Technique to Becoming a More Productive Writer

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Late last year, when I interviewed Brian Clark about his approach to productive blogging, he said something that really struck me as a writer.

Brian’s big on vision — he told me that he believed his vision for his online business was pretty much the key to his success as both a blogger and business owner.

As he said, “It feels really great when you do what you know needs to be done, because you’re getting one step closer to seeing your vision, in one form or another, coming true.”

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Traditional Advertising Works Great …

There are a few businesses out there that are making smart use of traditional advertising … and a whole lot of businesses throwing their budgets away.

Maybe your agency is smart enough, cares enough about spending your money wisely, and is dedicated to measuring the real impact of the dollars spent.

On the other hand, maybe not.

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7 Writing and Marketing Links You Can Use

The Lede | copyblogger.com

This week on The Lede:

  • Twitter’s Editorial Director on the art of blogging
  • The future of books in 3 words
  • What makes someone leave a website
  • Why are we so afraid of creativity?
  • 92 ways to get press coverage

If you want more useful links than the seven we highlight here every week, follow @copyblogger on Twitter.

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A 30-Minute Copywriting Course from a Master of the Craft

John Carlton is a professional copywriter who charges $2,500.00 for his one-on-one consulting calls.

In this 30+ minute interview, he decided to lay out some of his best advice for carving out a career in the writing trade. And he decided to give it up at no charge.

Part 1 of this interview went over well last week. Make sure you don’t miss it.

If you write persuasive copy (and content) as a freelancer, or for your own business, do not miss Part 2 below for some of the most valuable tips and trade philosophies you’ll find online …

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The 5-Part Recipe for Profitable Unpopularity

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There are days (not the good days, the other ones) when social media marketing feels a lot like high school.

There are the cool kids everyone wants to be like. They have a ton of friends (in this case, hundreds of thousands). Of course those aren’t real friends, but still, from the outside it looks like it would be pretty awesome.

On the not-so-great days, we get carried back to those painful high school memories when we were the geeks, the dorks, the outcasts. And that seems like a problem.

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The Surprising Old-School Secret to
Blogging Success (2012 Edition)

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You’ve probably noticed that about 80% of your blog’s success comes from “ass in chair” time.

That’s the time you spend writing posts, editing posts, finding images, pitching guest posts, answering comments, shaping up your SEO, and all the other tasks we teach you about here on Copyblogger.

You’ve got to get that stuff right. But great blogs are not built by “ass in chair” time alone.

There’s actually a significant element to your success that you may be neglecting with all that work and focus.

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The One Skill that Makes an Online Entrepreneur Unstoppable

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Pop quiz, hotshot: What’s the most important skill you must have in order to be successful as an entrepreneur, especially in an online business? 

Is it salesmanship? Is it social media savvy, or SEO knowledge? 

Is it writing and content marketing? (Because I know a great blog about that.) 

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