The 5 Keys to Content Marketing Mastery

image of five old keys

What does it take to be the best?

The best copywriter, the best graphic designer, the best blogger, the best content marketer?

The off-the-cuff answer is 10,000 hours, popularized by the great Malcolm Gladwell book Outliers. That’s what you need to become a renowned concert violinist, a brilliant mathematician, a chess grandmaster, a Pulitzer-winning novelist.

That’s 20 hours a week for 10 years.

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3 Reasons Why You Should Be a
Formulaic Blogger

image of mathematic formula

Imagine you’re engrossed in an action-packed thriller.

You’re close to the end of the book, you’re anticipating a showdown between the hero and the villain, and …

… the villain undergoes a sudden change of heart, and the hero decides to retire and enjoy a quiet life in Florida.


Chances are, you’d throw the book across the room in disgust. The author promised you a thriller, but what you got is an unsatisfying fairy tale.

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The Amish Guide to Intelligent Web Design

image of amish crossing sign

Less than an hour from where I live in Pennsylvania — if you point your car in the right direction — you see road signs that warn you to beware of horse and buggy carriages using the road.

The Amish people live a life very different from yours and mine.

For the most part they don’t use electricity. They avoid most machines, preferring a simple lifestyle that revolves around farming and handcrafting everyday items.

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The Lede: 7 Writing and Marketing Links You Don’t Want to Miss

The Lede |

Do you have the most important virtue needed to make it online (or off)?

Do you know what your marketing gig may look like tomorrow? How about next year?

Also, Louis CK, Google+, and some of the best writing advice you’ll ever read — right here, right now, in The Lede.

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All right, on with it …

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7 Ways to Create an Email Marketing “Snowball Effect”

Since Ray Tomlinson sent that first email in 1971, it’s been the backbone of all social technology.

40 years later, and it’s still the most powerful (digital) communication tool on earth.

My reclusive pal Ben Settle jumps on the show today to talk email marketing.

While the seven-step “snowball effect” he lays out can be applied to almost any aspect of profitable content marketing, we bring it all back to the loyal, always-willing, unbeatable and unstoppable … email.

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Stalled Out With Your Online Marketing?
This May Be All You Need to Move Forward

image of rubber stampYou’re stuck again.

You know what you’re supposed to do. It’s not a matter of knowing the next steps — you know them, all right. You just aren’t taking them.

You watch while others pass you by. People who aren’t as good as you. People who don’t work as hard as you do.


Something is holding you back from taking the next step. From doing the scary part — the part that means you might actually succeed.

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How Creating an Imaginary Friend Can Make You a Better Writer

image of two women at a writing desk

Most kids ditch their imaginary friends along with their sippy cups and security blankets.

That’s a good thing, right?

Well, marketers have discovered a new benefit to finding (and keeping) those imaginary friends again.

One top advertising agency –- Organic in Detroit –- even gave its imaginary friends their own office space.


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The Ziggy Stardust Guide to Social Media Superstardom

image of ziggy stardust

Some are born famous, some achieve fame easily, and some work out how to make fame happen.

David Bowie’s career hit lightspeed when he became Ziggy Stardust, but it was anything but a fluke or an overnight success.

In the seventies, Ziggy was futuristic. We are now living in the future — where news guys tell us earth may well be dying, and our brains hurt like warehouses from information overload.

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Meditation and The Art of Writing

image of three stones

I want to tell you about an invaluable writing asset.

It’s become a non-negotiable element of my writing process, and I hope it becomes the same for you.

Writing is hard work. It’s not hard like electrical engineering (a chapter in my past life), which was a mind-numbing, sleep-depriving, hair-pulling kind of hard.

Writing is more a sweet torture, soreness-post-crazy-workout kind of hard.

You know the routine: The words get stuck. The ideas get jammed. The mind gets cluttered, and you get discouraged. 

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The Lede: 9 Marketing Links You Need

The Lede |

Chief Content Officers.

Tin foil hat marketing.

The future of content marketing, and the CIA reading your tweets.

It was a hell of week out there, and below you’ll find just a fraction of it pertaining to this business. Due to popular demand, I’ve trimmed things down to nine links (not including a look back at this week in Copyblogger).

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OK, on with it …

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