Copyblogger Weekly Wrap: Week of Janaury 31, 2011

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So Copyblogger finally has a Facebook page.

I suspect that this has to do with psychology more than public relations. I mean, sure, Copyblogger has a lot of subscribers. On Twitter, it has a lot of followers and gets a lot of retweets. But does it have any friends? Does it have any fans? Well, it does now, and it’s about time….

Which leads me to conclude that Facebook today is kind of like a McDonald’s birthday party when you were a kid. All you have to do if you want friends is to sign up, and stay away from the clown. Now, if we could only get a PlayPlace around here. I have my fingers crossed that they’ll spring for the big slide, but Brian keeps arguing for a ball pit.

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5 Steps to Captivating Readers with Your Secret Message

image of a young boy pretending to be a secret agent

Every time you publish a blog post or send a message to your email marketing list, your readers learn from you.

But they may be learning something entirely different from what you think.

Your headline might say “10 Tips for Amazing Azaleas” or “How to Change a Tire in 7 Minutes.” And your readers will get some information on that topic from your post.

But readers get more than they bargained for every time they read your content — they’re unconsciously getting an underlying secret message in addition to the more obvious how-to tips.

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Convert … Or Die

“First prize is a Cadillac Eldorado. Second prize is a set of steak knives. Third prize is you’re fired.”
~ Blake, Glengarry Glen Ross

Sometimes you’re on a sweet little vacation in Italy and you need to convert miles into kilometers.

Sometimes you’re smashing your thumb with a hammer doing some light roofing and you need to switch inches to centimeters.

If you’re in business (or sales, like the Glengarry boys above), and you want to stay alive, you need to find a way to regularly convert prospects into paying customers.

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The Straight Dope on Facebook, Twitter,
and SEO

image of a twitter icon

Ever wonder if all those links that result from people retweeting and sharing content on Twitter give you a boost with search engine optimization?

For a long time no one was sure, because the dreaded nofollow is in use on big social sites to keep those links from being counted as a “vote” for search engine purposes. No matter what, social networking links are still highly useful from a traffic perspective, because they have the power to get new readers to your content.

But in December, Google confirmed that the playing field had changed a little. Here’s what that means for you and your content.

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How to Capture Your Reader’s Attention

image of a peacock

Getting attention is the most important part of online marketing.

No matter how brilliant your ideas are, you can’t even offer them to your prospect unless you’ve made her look in your direction first.

You have to get your prospect’s attention before you can turn her into a reader, let her know how wonderful you are, or sell her something.

Do I have your attention yet?

Good. Now I’ll show you how to get someone else’s.

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Save $100 on Search Marketing Expo

image of the Search Marketing Expo logo

Search marketing is a huge topic — and includes dozens of ways you can grow your business and get more (and better) traffic to your site.

And Search Marketing Expo is a conference that offers more than 60 cutting-edge sessions (as well as invaluable networking opportunities) to help you do exactly that.

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The “Common Sense” Mistake That Makes Your Writing Lifeless

image of a money booth

Have you ever been inside a money booth? People rent them for parties and events.

If not, let me describe it for you:

You’re in a clear glass booth and money is swirling in a breeze all around you. Bills are brushing your cheeks, your hair.

You want to get as much money as you can in the thirty seconds you’ve been given, so you grab for the fattest clumps.

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Copyblogger Weekly Wrap: Week of January 24, 2011

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This was a fun week for me. A group of cool people and I launched The Badass Project, getting underway by debuting our inaugural interview with Copyblogger’s own Jon Morrow. (NOTE: If you’re making assumptions about what a project with that name is, you’re probably wrong and will be ashamed of yourself for thinking ill of me after you see what it actually is. Shame on you. Now subscribe to something I do as penance.)

But it got me thinking: Given the theme of the Project, what would a true “Badass” think if I were to shirk my duties as Wrap guy and embezzle tens of thousands of dollars from Copyblogger as I was planning on doing last weekend before getting sidelined? Would they think it was noble and good? Or would they think it was unethical?

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5 Tips for Better Results with Mobile Email Marketing

Email Marketing 101

Picture this scene.

A reader of your blog and a loyal subscriber gets a new mobile device.

No problem: You’ve taken great care to make your site mobile friendly.

You’ve even taken the right steps to convert more mobile readers to your email list.

So you feel pretty confident that all your bases are covered.

Until your subscriber gets her first email from your latest marketing campaign. It’s all squished up on the screen, it’s impossible to click on any of the links, and the message overall is terribly hard to read.

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Attention: Is Your Headline Getting Any?

“There’s just no quiet in Vegas.” ~Barry Manilow

Same thing online, Barry.

Like driving down the strip, even at an ungodly hour, our old pal the Internet feeds us an unending spread of exactly what we want.

Between the inbox, RSS, Twitter, and name-your-social-network-of-choice, the competition for our attention is aggressive and utterly incapable of mercy.

How can your stuff get read, watched, or listened to if it’s buried alive (see: invisible) under the non-stop avalanche of an entire civilization’s most mundane and brilliant ideas?

It all starts in one place…

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