Firefly Creativity, Writing Process Tips, and Twitter Resources Galore: The Copyblogger Weekly Wrap

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I like to use these Weekly Wrap intros to feature interesting industry news and tidbits, not to talk about myself and the cool things I’ve been up to. Note: All previous intros that violate this principle have been random coincidences resulting in accidental self-aggrandizement.

Anyway, re: developments in blogging and social media, BlogWorld & New Media Expo made this announcement the other day involving their “Virtual Ticket” program and how they brought some person on to help them restructure it and host it. Oh, and that person is me.

Damn. Did it again.

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Why Content Marketing Doesn’t Suck

Can regularly publishing relevant, useful, entertaining and valuable information online actually build a business over time?

Or, is this whole content marketing thing just a massive waste of energy?

You can probably guess where we stand on these questions, but in this episode we lay it all out anyway. You, of course, can make your own decisions.

Also, Sonia gets another new executive title based on her expertise in email marketing.

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The 5-Step Process that Solves Three Painful Writing Problems

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Recently, I asked the Copyblogger tribe over on Google+ to name their biggest writing challenge.

From the many responses, a pattern developed:

  • How to get started
  • How to cut the fluff
  • How to finish

These three issues are really symptoms of the same painful problem, which boils down to not clearly understanding what you’re trying to accomplish with your writing. Don’t worry … it’s a fairly common ailment.

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Shiny: The Firefly Guide to Producing More Creative Content

image of Firefly characters Mal Reynolds and Zoe Washburne

I was reading Jonathan Fields’ new book Uncertainty: Turning Fear and Doubt into Fuel for Brilliance this weekend, and one of the insights that struck me the most was his breakdown of the two types of creativity.

Because analogies help us learn, and because Firefly is the best show that has ever been on television, I’m going to call the two types of creativity Mal Reynolds creativity (insight, vision, and brave new ideas) and Zoe Washburne creativity (actually getting something done).

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9 Resources for Better Twitter Marketing

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The danger of giving good advice is, of course, that it is not often used.

The listener nods politely, saying, “Yes, yes, thank you. That is precisely what I ought to do.”

Then the listener goes right ahead and does precisely the opposite.

“Don’t ever give anybody your best advice, because they’re not going to follow it.” ~ Jack Nicholson

Jack may be right. Nonetheless, below you’ll find the best advice Copyblogger has to offer on using and applying Twitter to your marketing goals.

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The Johnny Depp Guide to Mesmerizing Marketing

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On Stranger Tides is just one more in the long line of big budget Hollywood movies. Or is it?

Actually, it happens to be just another movie that Johnny Depp refused to appear in for anything short of $42,000,000.

He charges that amount because the movie can’t exist with out him.

Johnny’s the star of the show. Pirates of the Caribbean without Captain Jack Sparrow is like an ice cream sundae with no ice cream.

But if Johnny Depp didn’t act in movies — if he were a regular job-holding guy from Kentucky — nobody would care about him. Nobody would pay him.

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Weird Marketing, Irresistible Copy, and More: The Copyblogger Weekly Wrap

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A lot happened over the summer while the Wrap was on hiatus. One of those things was relevant to this here world of marketing and networking and connection and bon-bons… and that was the launch of the Google+ social network.

But I’m just going to come right out and say it: Although the internet at large soiled itself with excitement when Google+ was launched, I checked in, said “Meh,” and went back to Twitter. I mean, I knew people on Twitter. Why did I need to find them all again on Google+?

Of course, Brian’s kind of a big deal over there. Just thought I’d spice up your weekend with something that may get me fired. Again.

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Are You Weird Enough to Succeed at Content Marketing?

There will never be another Nirvana.

Or Coca Cola. Or Stephen King.

Apart from a very few anomalies, no band, brand, or author will ever achieve the level of cultural penetration that Generation X was the last to witness happen in real time.

Our culture has broken apart into millions of little tribal pieces.

It’s not because kids these days aren’t heading down to the crossroads with their guitars and web dev tools to do a deal with the devil.

It’s something much weirder than that.

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A Social Media Marketing Case Study: Uncertainty by Jonathan Fields

image of Jonathan Field's Uncertainty

I started blogging in 2007 because I’d just signed my first book deal with Random House and I realized that social media was about to become a huge tool in any author’s marketing arsenal.

What I didn’t realize was how huge.

It’s become the core of my marketing outreach not just for books, but for everything I do.

But with the launch of my new book, Uncertainty: Turning Fear and Doubt Into Fuel for Brilliance, I decided to take things to an entirely different level, test a bunch of new strategies, and bring video strongly into the picture.

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How to Master the One Trait That Makes You Unstoppable

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Nassim Nicholas Taleb wrote about the black swan — the impossible-to-predict event that changes everything. The terrorist attack, the earthquake, the worldwide economic meltdown.

But in the world we live in now, it’s the white swan — the ordinary, predictable event — that’s becoming rare.

Black swans show up every day. Storms and disasters … and positive black swans, too, like world-changing technology.

Unpredictability is the new predictability, and the only thing we can be sure of is that the world will look almost unrecognizably different — even just a few years from today.

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