Want to Be a Better Marketer? Start by Becoming a Better Teacher

image of one gold apple among regular green ones

Some of the world’s most masterful marketers are, first and foremost, master teachers.

You’re a teacher when you write a blog post that helps solve a tricky problem your audience is facing.

You’re a teacher when you lead a webinar.

You’re a teacher when you overcome objections on a landing page. When you troubleshoot with a client on the phone.  When you craft a product, make a video, give a speech.

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What a Navy SEAL Can Teach You About Becoming a Fearless Writer

insignia for the Navy Seals

On the evening of May 1, 2011, two Black Hawk helicopters loaded with 23 Navy SEALs, a translator, and a dog named Cairo approached a residential compound outside Abbottabad, Pakistan.

Minutes later, one of the helicopters landed outside the target property. The other spiraled into the ground in a barely-controlled crash landing.

Not exactly according to plan.

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Would You Trade Boredom for Stress to Have Your Own Business?

image of woman rock climber

I don’t have a cool life-or-death story.

I didn’t almost die from a snowboarding accident.

I wasn’t diagnosed as a toddler with an illness that was supposed to kill me.

I was a working mom with a good job. The money was good, the benefits were great, and the people were smart and nice.

I had a cute little private office and the company was doing interesting work. I had created my own department, and everything we did was based on something I had built. (For a control freak like me, this is a very pleasant.)

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Seth Godin on Blogging, Business Books, and Creating Content that Matters

The man.

The myth.

The legend.

All hyperbole aside, season two of the Internet Marketing for Smart People radio show kicks off with author, entrepreneur, and prolific blogger Seth Godin.

A lot has changed since Seth pioneered effective email marketing in the mid 90s. And he set the standard for many of us when he switched to blogging over a decade ago.

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9 / 11 / 11

image of 09.11.01
Image courtesy of Brian Nieman and adopted by the Library of Congress for their 9/11/01 exhibition.

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How to Rule the Whole Freaking World

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Have you ever noticed how obsessed we are at Copyblogger with wanting to help you get more?

Every week we write about how find more readers, convert more sales, make more revenue.

Get more traffic to your site. Build more buyers for your business. Be a smarter, more confident businessperson. Get more out of your time.

More, more, more.

So let’s just cut to the chase. What you really want is to feel rich and powerful enough to rule the world, right?

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The Single Word that is Stealing Your Future

image of tomorrow

You can talk all you want about what you’ll write Tomorrow, next week, and next year.

It matters very little.

Tomorrow and next week and next year are not yours to spend.

You can talk all you want about what you’ll build Tomorrow, next week, and next year.

You’d be an arrogant liar.

Tomorrow and next week and next year are not yours to plan.

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How to Get Your Blog the Traffic it Deserves (Check out the Sweet Trailer)

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Well, it was bound to happen one day.

After three wonderful years of writing almost exclusively for Copyblogger, I’m finally branching off and launching my own blog.

But not for the reasons you might think.

It’s not because Brian Clark has finally put his foot down and refused to meet my extravagant demands.

It’s not because Sonia Simone is a pink-haired tyrant who rules Copyblogger with an iron fist.

No, the truth is, I see a problem:

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The Return of Copyblogger Radio …

Yeah, summer’s gone, but all is not lost.

Grab your iPod and that bottle of tanning spray, Internet Marketing for Smart People Radio is back.

Though we’re switching up the format for season two (stay tuned), we’ll still be offering up marketing advice that works — every week.

And there’ll be the occasional interview.

In fact, we brought in a heavy-hitter for the season opener next Friday …

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