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More than 7,000 of your professional peers are Authority members.

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100% of Independent Publishers Who Do This Will Sell More of Their Work

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Most independent authors and content creators aren’t thinking in terms of building product funnels when they write their books and stories.

That is a mistake.

Whether you’re writing fiction or nonfiction, smart writers who know how to build their catalog around funnels will always make more money directly with their words than writers who publish their work using the old “hope and pray” business plan.

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5 Dazzling Design Examples of What’s Possible with the Genesis Framework for WordPress

411 screenshot

I am so sick of this doggone website.

It had been a good 18 months since I’d updated the design. It didn’t use HTML5. It wasn’t mobile responsive. And the form and function of the site no longer fit the content as well as it could.

Worst of all, it just looked … old. It felt tired. I needed a change, but I’m no coder. Nor did I want to pay for a custom design.

Ever had a similar string of thoughts yourself about your own site?

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Are You a Copywriting Hotshot? Test Your Skills in an Email Marketing Duel

The deadline for this contest has closed, but stay tuned for a post in early January announcing the winners of the split test!

Picture this. Sonia Simone and me in an advertising agency conference room.

She pitches her headline to the account executive.

I pitch mine …

… and promptly get blown out of the water. It doesn’t matter which headline is better. Sonia is a legend. So the account executive goes with the better copywriter, not the better headline, 10 times out of 10.

So let’s try scenario B …

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Could Reading Children’s Books Help You Become a Better Business Writer?

I don’t care how old you are — 17 or 70 — as a writer you can benefit from reading children’s stories.

Stories like Madeline, Interrupting Chicken, Henry’s Freedom Box, The Giving Tree, and I Took the Moon for a Walk.

Keep in mind, the reason these are considered “children’s” books is not because of the material.

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Get Tailored Content Marketing Advice When You Need It (And Save $100, This Week Only)

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Mike, Julie, and Darren have big ideas and want to grow their online businesses.

And they have questions.

Like you do. Like I do.

  • Mike wants tips on how he can avoid getting distracted by the “‘Yo, try this!’ tsunami” (his words) and make smart decisions about what action he should take next.
  • Julie wants to start building her email list to sell her ebook, but she needs to know how to connect her email account to her website.
  • Darren has a BIG plan for 2015 and a family counting on him to make it work, and he wants to know if his content strategy fits his goals.

For Mike, Julie, and Darren, getting the right answers to the right questions at the right time is crucial.

That is why Mike, Julie, and Darren have memberships to Authority.

And for this week only, you can join them for just $299 for an entire year — that’s $100 off the normal price.

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