3 Steps to Foolish Online Advertising

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Let’s face it… most online advertising is foolish, especially your typical banner ad. The general approach to banner ads is ineffective, easily blocked, and regular site surfers literally become blind to them.

Even pay per click – perhaps the greatest ROI advertising ever devised – is used foolishly. High dollar clicks sent to poorly written, undifferentiated landing pages, or worse, that stellar home page with the “We’re the greatest!” message that immediately prompts people to hit the back button.

There is, however, a way to do online advertising without wasting your money and annoying people. As it turns out, this approach is also quite Foolish.

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Copyblogger Weekly Wrap:
Week of November 1, 2010

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Because I like to 1) flout convention and 2) live in the past, I thought it’d be appropriate to do my Halloween bit here now, nearly a week late.

This year, while trick-or-treating with my kids and noticing the many older kids trying to cash in, I started to wonder at what age trick-or-treating becomes unacceptable and creepy. Can you still do it at 18? Maybe, if you don’t have a beard. But how about 34? It all reminds me of a Mitch Hedberg joke about how adults aren’t supposed to go down slides, so if you find yourself at the top of one, you have to act like you got there accidentally. How’d I get up here, dammit? Oh well, I guess I have to go down. Whee!

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The Secret Weapon that
Makes Your Content Successful

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Every time you sit down to write, do you get a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach?

Do you worry that what you’re about to write won’t be as awesome as the posts you read on popular, established blogs?

It’s a fear many writers know well: the fear that you just won’t be good enough to size up to your favorite writers.

It can be inspiring to want to write as well as your favorites. But it can also be a huge stumbling block waiting to trip you up.

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How About a Copyblogger T-Shirt?

If you’re like me, you love t-shirts. And if you’re also like me, you’ve had that recurring fantasy where you become fabulously wealthy simply by dreaming up pithy statements that throngs of fans proudly display on their chests.

That fantasy has never quite worked out for me (or anyone I know). But we’ve had quite a few requests for Copyblogger t-shirts over the years, and as far as I’m concerned, that’s a pretty close next best thing.

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How to Keep Your Email Marketing
List from Hating Your Guts

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(Nudnik: Yiddish for pain in the ass, nuisance, pest, a marketer who sends too many emails to his house list)

Okay, so how do you know when you’re being a nudnik?

That is, how do you know when you’re sending too many emails to your money pot, your gold mine — your email list?

Consider the following …

If your email open rate is lower than the relative humidity in the Sahara Desert … you’re probably being a nudnik!

If after every send, your list shrinks faster than cotton underwear in a hot water wash … you’re definitely a nudnik!

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Introducing Copyblogger Radio

After years of saying we’re going to do it, we’re doing it — a Copyblogger weekly podcast (that we won’t be calling a podcast). It’s Internet Marketing for Smart People Radio, and it’s designed to help tie together the things we talk about on Copyblogger into a coherent strategy you can use to build your business with online marketing.

The show is hosted by Robert Bruce, our copywriting poet and resident raconteur, and will feature appearances by me, Sonia, and the occasional special guest. Each week we’ll dig into current happenings in social media, content marketing, and SEO, while also exploring the fundamentals that drive smart Internet marketing.

In this episode Robert and I discuss:

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Fanning the Social Media Flame
for Viral Exposure

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Are you a content marketer? If so, you have a choice to make.

You can sit around and wait for your content to go viral.

You can hope you’ll get sudden bursts of traffic, hope your readers will spread the word, hope your content will catch fire.

Or you can bring your own matches and lighter fluid to set the dang thing aflame yourself.

As bloggers and content marketers, which will you choose?

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The Mad Men Guide to Changing the World with Words

image of Jon Hamm as Don Draper

Mad Men made writers sexy again.

Donald Draper is dark and moody and mysterious in all the right ways. He’s powerful, able to send staff scurrying from his office with a scowl.

And he’s a creative genius too, lounging on his office couch, sipping whisky, and crafting the perfect slogan to capture the minds of America.

He makes it all look so freaking cool.

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Copyblogger Weekly Wrap:
Week of October 25, 2010

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Two weeks ago in Vegas, I earned a new distinction. While on the stage during a Blogworld Expo keynote, Sonia Simone declared me an expert in something. Something cool. Something I can’t repeat here because this is a PG-13 blog — but if you’re feeling saucy, this video contains the original R-rated phrasing (somewhere in point #4, which starts at 50:33).

I’m going to get shirts made so that everyone will know what I stand for. I’m going to wear my new distinction proudly. Who’s with me?

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How to Run a Fearless Small Business

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Halloween means exactly three things to me: pumpkin carving, costumes, and everyone I know trying to frighten the crap out of me with scary movies.

Doesn’t matter how many times I explain I hate scary movies. Everyone insists that scary movies are part of the Halloween experience and that what I really need on All Hallow’s Eve is to watch a bed swallow up Johnny Depp and his crop-top football jersey.

I don’t know about you, but I have enough fear in my life without Freddy Krueger. I call it “running a business.”

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