Announcing the Prose Theme for WordPress

image of Prose Theme logo

You may have seen recently that we merged StudioPress, creator of the powerful Genesis theme framework, into Copyblogger Media. Why did we do it?

I can sum it up for you in a single phrase: because we’re control freaks.

With Genesis, we saw an opportunity to create WordPress themes that were tailored exactly to our customers’ needs and desires.

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7 Tips for an Authentic and Productive
Writing Process

image of man with reflection

Does this sound familiar?

You’re sitting in front of your laptop, staring at a blank screen.

The deadline for the article you need to write is approaching, and you’re struggling to get started when you should be in the final editing stages.

As you sit there trying to put your expertise in writing, a strange insecurity creeps up your spine. You see yourself changing before your own eyes, transforming from a confident expert into a self-conscious amateur.

It’s your own Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde transformation experience.

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Copyblogger Weekly Wrap:
Week of October 3, 2010

image of full body wrap

I’m going to keep this week’s intro brief because my dog is biting me.

My mother says he bites us all because he’s herding us (he’s a collie mix and barks and corrals when anyone runs), but I think it’s because he wants to be on the winning side. If anyone is play-attacking anyone else, he bites the person being attacked. He’s kind of an ass that way.

So it really can’t bode well that I’m being harassed while writing the Wrap. Speaking of ass, it’s just like that time he bit Jennifer Lopez while she was busy working on Gigli.

Now for the part where I massively fail to tell you what happened this week on Copyblogger (with bite marks):

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Blogging with a Learner’s Mind

image of laptop with spanish words

“¿Qué quiere para su desayuno?” she asked, inches from my face.

I thought as quickly as I could, and managed to haltingly request a piece of toast. “Pan tostado, por favor.” It was the only breakfast food I could remember from Spanish class. It ended up being all I ate for breakfast for the next week.

Clearly, I hadn’t yet found my learner’s mind.

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Two Conferences for
Serious Online Marketers

In addition to our keynote at BlogWorld this month, I’ll be speaking at two other conferences this fall. If you’re serious about building your business with online content, search marketing, and social media, you’ll want to seriously consider attending one or both.

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The Easy-to-Use Tool that Helps You Build a Breakthrough Blog

image of swiss army knife

As a digital branding and marketing agency, our company has encouraged, coached, and cajoled clients over the years on the importance of blogging for building traffic, buzz, and organic search.

We watched some clients grow by leaps and bounds, attracting hundreds of thousands of blog visitors per month.

And we watched others clients stumble along without ever gaining the momentum we were working for.

Of course there are a lot of factors that drive success or failure. But among the blogs that succeeded on a huge scale, we noticed two common factors.

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Captivate Your Readers with a Marketing Story that Sells

image of typewriter

I’ve never appreciated classic literature.

I read Hawthorne and I get bored. I read Austen and I fall asleep. My wife likes Dickens, but I can’t stand it. Ask me who Tiny Tim is, and nine times out of ten I’ll refer you to the obsessive-compulsive ukulele player from the 60s.

Literature snobs think I’m low-brow, and that my modern reading material is hollow. I disagree. A good story is a good story. Any good story can move you … but before it can do that, it has to grab you. It has to pull you into its world, to make you feel at home. (I just don’t feel at home in a Dickens story. They talk funny.)

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The Simple Tricks Experts Use to
Always Get Paid For Their Time

image of stopwatch

When I think about it, I still get that feeling in the pit of my stomach.

I was chatting with a woman with an interior design business about the changes she needed to make in her website. The conversation was going well — she loved all my ideas and was ready to rebuild her site.

I started getting excited, thinking I had found my next project. I was already putting together her proposal in my head. Then she uttered those dreaded words …

“I’d love to take you to lunch and pick your brain sometime.”

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4 Simple Ways to Get More
High-Paying Clients with Your Blog

image of golden egg

How many new high-paying clients do you get for every hour you spend blogging?

What’s that? You have no idea?

We need to talk.

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Copyblogger Weekly Wrap:
Week of September 27, 2010

image of wrapping paper

Those who stalk me (and you know who you are) know that I’ve been talking a lot lately about “Storyselling,” which is a way to sell stuff using stories. But nothing is infallible, so I wanted to publicly announce some flaws I’ve found with it:

  • Don’t use Storyselling with the police. Tell them about Uncle Phil’s hairpiece and they’ll still put you in jail for running over a Photomat booth with a city bus. (Don’t ask how I know this.)
  • Don’t tell your story after being pushed off a building by the person you were trying to convince not to push you. Tell it before. After is too late. It’s amazing how many people get this one wrong.
  • Don’t watch The Story of O with your grandmother, unless you enjoy uncontrolled squirming.

Now, with that out of the way, let me tell you the story of what happened this week on Copyblogger:

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