If Your Blog Disappeared,
Who Would Miss It?

Disappearing Blogger

In my time working with churches, mainly in the area of marketing/design, one phrase has always stood out to me as particularly inspiring. If your church disappeared from the neighborhood, and in essence didn’t exist in your community, who would notice? This thought, really this meditation, has proven very useful for helping to guide many churches in what is (hopefully) the right direction. But I believe this concept can apply to other areas as well; say, for instance, blogs.

Who Would Miss Your Blog?

It’s a simple question, but one that provokes some interesting thoughts. If you are truly serving a niche with your blog, they should miss you if you’re not there. Imagine that you stopped blogging—would you get any emails asking you what’s up?

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How to Get 6,312 Subscribers to Your Business Blog in One Day

Rocket Launch

Remember the ecommerce commercial that showed a small group hovering around a computer as they launched their new website? They cheered when the first order notification came through, and again with the second… and then freaked out as the order blips became a relentless torrent.

That’s what Adam Schwartz, CEO of Articulate, said it felt like last Wednesday when we launched their new Rapid E-Learning Blog. The blog attracted 6,312 subscribers in the 24-hour period following the launch promotion, and now has over 8,500 and counting less than a week later.

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Landing Page Makeover Clinic #4: Last10Pounds.com

Landing Page Makeover

Today’s makeover is for Victor Holtreman’s ebook, The Last 10 Pounds. He’s sold 1,000 copies at $12.95 each, but conversion lately has been lacking at just .87%. He’s looking to pop his conversion rate and sell more books.

Here’s the background:

  • The Goal
    Increase conversion rate from less than 1% to 3%.
  • The Problem
    Previous page(s) were more successful than current efforts. Several attempts, including restoring the original page, have not been effective in recapturing the conversion rates of the past.
  • The Current Landing Page
  • Page/Ad that Generates the Click-Through
    Click here to view

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Monday Morning Link Karma

Link Karma

Why you don’t need Google. Expect to hear more and more about this.

Is blogging a good way to make money? From advertising, generally no. Expect to hear more and more about this.

Chartreuse is back, so suckers best beware.

Why you should use odd numbers in your copy.

Unruly blog comments? The blogosphere guide to self defense.

Tips for mastering the anecdote.

Mike Sigers loves Joan Jett and long copy. Luckily, Mike has an extremely successful day job plus a growing web business, so hopefully he won’t be adapting too many more 80′s rock lyrics anytime soon. :)

A Call to Action Worthy of Response

Blog Action Day

I’m happy to announce Copyblogger’s participation in Blog Action Day, an initiative dreamed up by Leo, Collis and Cyan Ta’eed. Here’s the scoop:

The goal is to bring the blogging community together, for just one day, talking about one issue — and for Blog Action Day 2007 (Oct. 15, 2007), that issue is the environment.

Participating blogs include Lifehacker, GigaOm, SEOmoz, ProBlogger and over 1,000 others. Why not yours?

Sign up here to get involved.

P.S. If you’re wondering how this relates to copy, I’m going to make my post on October 15 an exercise in persuasive writing. So, hopefully you’ll find value on several levels.

A “Thank You” to all Copyblogger Readers

Thank You

I’d like to take a moment to thank each and every one of you out there for reading Copyblogger. We’re just shy of 22,000 subscribers now, after starting the year with 10,000. The blog is also poised to receive comment number 10,000 very soon, which I think is a good sign for the community you are building around here.

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Time Is Not on Your Side:
Time Management Tips for Writers

Time Management for Writers

I can hear him singing it now, “Time is on my side, yes it is!” Whether time is still on Mick Jagger’s side is debatable, but it’s certainly NOT on my side.

Over time, even Rolling Stones erode. And time is also one of the main things that keeps writers from getting things done.

In my last post, I asked this simple question, “What keeps you from writing?

Your response was rather amazing. The number of comments and the sincerity of your replies impressed me. Clearly I hit a nerve.

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How to Become an Authority Blogger

Authority Blogger image

I remember seeing one of my favorite comedians of all time, Jerry Seinfeld, a year or two ago. It was my birthday, and my dad took me because he knows what a big fan I am.

So we went, laughed at observations about dinner parties and airports, and went home. Thinking back, though, I found the experience curious.

Why do people keep going to see Jerry talk about stuff they experience on a regular basis? Why do they pay to watch him talk about trivial things like uncomfortable relationships and cleaning his apartment?

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The David Lee Roth Guide to Legendary Marketing

David Lee Roth image

David Lee Roth and Eddie and Alex Van Halen today officially announced the Van Halen reunion tour slated for this fall. The original line up is missing only Michael Anthony, who will be replaced on bass by Eddie’s 16-year-old son Wolfgang.

For Van Halen fans young and old, this is a pretty big deal. Why? Because after 22 long years, David Lee Roth will be back where he belongs, and the legend will come full circle.

There’s a reason why purists refer to the Sammy Hagar years as Van Hagar, and the Gary Cherone years as little as possible—it’s just not Van Halen without Dave.

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5 Tips for Knockout Testimonials

Word of Mouth image

Do testimonials work? I know they do, because I owe my marriage to one.

Picture a shy sixteen-year-old trainee nerd, nervously sweating in his brand new “I can’t believe it’s not wool” suit, and desperately trying to catch the eye of the pretty secretary. The stammering young man, of course, is me. The odds were long, and in fact it’s fair to say I didn’t stand a chance.

Not only was this lovely lady three years my senior (a huge obstacle at that age), she was also assistant to the Chief Executive. Just walking up to the office was a gut-wrenching flashback to those visits to the headmaster’s office from only a year or so before.

Somehow I did manage to get a date, but only through the magic of the testimonial.

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