Landing Page Makeover Clinic #18:

Landing Page Makeover

This is another addition to our ongoing series of tutorials and case studies on landing pages that work.

Bjorn Furuknap wants to improve the work lives of SharePoint users with great information. I don’t know how many tech-types use SharePoint, but as a major Microsoft product, I’m thinking big numbers.

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The Ramones’ Guide to Killer Content


What could you possibly learn about killer online content from an old 70’s punk band consisting of three chords, four pinheads, and excessive Prince Valiant hair? The answer is: a whole bunch!

“Hey, Ho… let’s Go!” and “Gabba Gabba Hey!” are just two of the iconic chants the Ramones made famous when they exploded onto the scene in 1974.

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The Power of Analogy


An elderly man storms into his doctor’s office steaming mad.

“Doc, my new 22-year-old wife is expecting a baby. You performed my vasectomy 30 years ago, and I’m very upset right now.”

“Let me tell you a story,” the doctor calmly replies.

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Why Parents Write More Persuasive Copy

Persuasive Parent

I have kids. Maybe you do, too. The more I parent them, the more I realize how similar they are to the people who visit our web sites and blogs. That’s not to say that our site visitors are big babies — far from it.

But site visitors do have needs, questions and worries. And your copywriting is the guide that helps them feel comfortable, happy, and in tune with your site.

Welcome to parenting, Copyblogger style.

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Five Ways to Make Your Email Marketing
Work Better

Email Marketing 101

When I wrote a few weeks ago about making your email so good it can’t be stopped, a few readers wrote to ask for more specifics.

It’s an understandable request, given the percentage of permission-based messages that are being thrown away by email service providers.

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The 10 Rock Solid Elements of
Effective Online Marketing

Authority Rules

This is why Twitter and Facebook are not enough.

This is why being someone else’s user-generated content is not smart.

This is what works.

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What Mitch Hedberg Can Teach You About Making Money Online

Mitch Hedberg

Are you familiar with the late comedian Mitch Hedberg? Very funny man, taken from us far too soon.

More on him in a minute.

But first I want to say that there are a lot of good internet marketers out there — people who have a ton of integrity and who produce excellent material. These people aren’t scammers.

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The Most Horrible Blog Post Ever


Have you ever felt like your blank screen is having a staring contest with you?

And it’s winning?

You want to get that blog post written — you really do — but the words just aren’t flowing. They’re not even dripping.

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The Billy Mays 5-Step Guide to Easy Selling

Billy Mays

Billy Mays, who sadly passed away this summer at age fifty, was a pot-bellied, black-bearded Atlantic City carnival barker in a blue long-sleeves over a white undershirt.

He had a loud, shrill, and annoyingly exuberant voice. And he seemed to lean forward, through the TV screen, and put his nose in your face, the way only pitchmen do.

Madison Avenue style brand marketers who believe asking for an order even once, unless it’s in small grey type, is undignified, contemptible and just plain bad manners, absolutely loathed him.

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What the Horizon Realty Fail
Can Teach You About Social Media


If you haven’t heard the story yet, a Chicago real estate company called Horizon Realty Group filed a lawsuit against one of its tenants on Monday. She apparently made a snarky remark on Twitter, claiming that the company “didn’t care” about mold in her apartment.

Horizon is suing her for libel, looking for $50,000 in damages to their reputation.

She only had about 20 followers, so this looked like a pretty harsh David and Goliath story. Unfortunately, Horizon’s legal and PR teams forgot what happened to Goliath.

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