How to Keep Your Email Marketing from
Being Killed Dead

Email Marketing 101

A new study by the email marketing firm Return Path shows that nearly a quarter of the permission-based email sent to Gmail never gets there.

No, I’m not saying it goes to a junk box. Most of it doesn’t get delivered at all. No bounce message. No spam folder. Just . . . gone.

(This is not spam I’m talking about, either. It’s email you asked to get, which Gmail decided not to give to you.)

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Join the Freelance “X” Factor
Affiliate Program

Freelance X Factor

Whether or not the Freelance “X” Factor course is right for you, it might be of interest to your audience. So, after making sure everything is running smoothly over the last 4 days, we’re opening up the affiliate program to Copyblogger readers.

The program is with E-junkie, and the commission is 50% of the $87 sales price.

Sign up for the affiliate program here.

And if you’re interested in the course itself, there are still a few spots open for the 3 bonus Q&A calls. Check out the details and hop on board.

7 Types of People Everyone Wishes Would Just Shut the **** Up


Do you ever wish you could just tell someone to “shut the **** up?”

  • They’re trying to talk like they’re a genius, when they are obviously as dumb as a doorknob.
  • Or they’re trying to beef up their own credibility, so you’ll listen to their stupid advice.
  • Or they’re bragging about some moronic thing that they did in the hopes that you’ll think they’re cool.

But really, you just wish they would shut their freaking mouth.

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Did You Know Copyblogger is on Twitter?


Well, that’s not news to a lot of you. But let’s not assume everyone knows.

So what’s the benefit of following Copyblogger on Twitter in addition to your existing subscription to free content updates?

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Bloggers: Are You Being of Service or
Self Serving?

Service Bell

Writers love metaphors, and one of my personal favorites is the comparison between writing and sports. They’re both something anyone can do, but few can do it at a professional level.

What’s intriguing about the comparison – at least for this writing teacher and novelist turned blogger – is that while hardly anybody with an ounce of sanity who takes up tennis or golf thinks they’ll eventually turn pro at it, just about everyone who has ever darkened the door of a writing workshop or has secretly begun writing a novel has every intention of doing so.

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Do You Have These 11 Traits of Highly Creative People?

Abstract Chaos

Would you like to be more creative in your copy and content? It’s really not as hard or mysterious as you might think.

One roadblock that prevents many people from boosting their creativity is the notion that creativity is linked to intelligence. Another roadblock is the idea that creative people are born that way.

So if you’re not super smart or born with the creative “gift,” the natural reaction is to shrug your shoulders and give up. That’s probably a bad move.

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Freelance “X” Factor is Live

Freelance X Factor

After struggling with an unexpected and ornery corrupted zip file and the longest upload process in history, the Freelance “X” Factor course is now live. Ah, the joys of launch day.

Seriously though, if you’re a freelance copywriter or thinking of getting in the business, check this out. It’s a lot of value for the money.

And if you’re not someone who is interested in the business of freelance writing, no worries… we’re back to regularly-scheduled Copyblogger content this week. Up next is a great article from Dan Rieck on creative blogging, so stay tuned.

Why a Few Freelance Copywriters Make Most of the Money

Freelance X Factor

Yesterday Brian talked about the unfair advantage that good copywriters have when they’re marketing themselves. But a discussion in the comments broke out about whether or not good writers are a commodity.

The counterpoint was that good writers are a dime a dozen. There are just too many of them on freelancing sites like Elance. The market decrees that commodities (like oil, wheat, and talented writers) are priced based on pure supply and demand. So even if you’re quite a good writer, you have to duke it out with all the other good writers, competing for that precious limited resource: lucrative projects.

So what makes the difference for those lucky few, the best-paid writers? What’s their “X” Factor?

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The Freelance Copywriter’s Unfair Marketing Advantage


This week we’ve been focusing on the business of freelance copywriting. There are two good reasons for that.

First of all, the demand for quality online content and copy that converts has exploded in the last several years. And that demand will only grow.

That means a lot of opportunity for freelance copywriters.

It also means copywriters have an unfair advantage when it comes to marketing themselves. Why?

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10 Tips for Kicking Ass as a Freelance Writer

Kick Ass!

Want to be the greatest, most in-demand, kick-ass freelance copywriter ever? It’s not about the basics, like knowing how your spellcheck works or being a grammar god. You do need those, but being really good at the basics only gets you to “competent.”

Not great. Not kick-ass. Just competent.

So what’ll take you to the next level? What’s going to make you fantastic? What tricks help you hook your readers, get clients clamoring, and bring you the success you want?

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