Will Millennials Kill Email Marketing?


The biggest myth around about Millennials is that they don’t use email. Fact is, the average young person checks email more often than most older people.

But that doesn’t mean Millennials are reading your email. Rather, there’s a good chance that your email is getting deleted unread, prompting an unsubscribe, or worst of all, marked as spam.

Smarter online marketers are connecting with the Millennial generation by email just fine. Here’s how.

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Content Marketing Means Much More to SEO Than Link Building


In this episode of Search & Deploy, host Loren Baker discusses the importance of SEO in content marketing and how content marketing’s true potential is only unlocked when various digital marketing stakeholders combine forces to build the best content out there.

The discussion continues into the importance of content marketing with regard to link building and how content has always been the core of linking — but how much more important rich content is to the other pillars of digital marketing.

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What’s Your Favorite Word?


In this episode of Editor-in-Chief, discover why you should let go of your preferences to become a more mature writer.

Examine your writing like an Editor-in-Chief to keep your audience engaged and to continue growing as a content creator.

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The 8 Rules of Ruthless Editing from David Mamet


No one wants to write dull, lifeless copy that lulls even the most hyper people to sleep. Certainly not you, right? But why do we find it so hard to write what we want to say in the least amount of words — and still maintain potency?

It’s not easy because we tend to fall in love with what we write. We fear cutting out anything important. No matter how dead it is.

But how do we distinguish between the living words and the dead words? How do we identify the enticing sentences from the repulsive ones? It’s almost like we need someone to get in our faces and tell us.

Luckily, for you, America’s greatest living playwright is about to drill you.

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8 Conversion-Boosting Ways to Personalize Your Content

how to get personal

Quick quiz: What would you be willing to give up to receive information that interests you?

Chocolate for a month? Your smartphone for a day? Sex?

Sounds crazy, but according to a July 2013 study by Janrain, 25 percent of adults would be willing to give up chocolate for a month to receive content tailored to their tastes.

Twenty-one percent said they would give up their smartphones for a day. And yes, there were people who said they would give up sex to receive information that interests them. Thirteen percent, in fact.

And not just for a day. Nor a week. No. They would give up sex for an entire month.

A month.

Think what that says about the pleasure people get out of personalized information — content that adapts to the right person at the right time.

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The Powerful Resource You’ve Always Wanted When Presented with Creative Challenges

how to avoid copycat content

In the fall of 2008, I had every aspect of running my online copy editing business carefully mapped out — but the unpleasant reality that callously illuminated my pretty little map was that there wasn’t much of a business to run.

I had a few clients to keep me busy, but I put way too much hope in my bare-bones website.

At the time, I thought that the mere presence of a website would make clients flock to me and graciously ask for writing help. I’d have a steady flow of clients who were happy to pay me substantial fees, and to pass the time between copy editing work, I’d recline comfortably, eat bon bons, and file my nails.

I was incredibly disappointed and frustrated not only because that scenario was not my reality, but also because I didn’t know the most effective ways to promote my online business.

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The Importance of Treating Sponsorship Like Partnerships


Only a few months after launching Hack the Entrepreneur, Jon Nastor was receiving unsolicited sponsorship requests.

One turned out to be a perfect fit.

In this episode of The Showrunner, Jon takes us behind the scenes of how his deal with FreshBooks came about.

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Are Productivity Articles Making You Unproductive?


This week on No Sidebar, host Brian Gardner responds to an article written by Paul Jarvis, entitled “On becoming digital hoarders.”

Our yearning to find information that will somehow magically fill some void in our life continually leaves us unsatisfied.

We are promised endlessly how to make our lives better, how to be more productive, and how to get what we want.

But the reality, and main takeaway from Paul’s article, is at some point, we need to take off the training wheels of acquiring knowledge and ride the bike of applying that knowledge …

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Deadly Conversion Busters: Turning Fear Into Trust


Is fear stopping your audience from engaging, subscribing, or purchasing?

How can you turn that negative into a positive, while helping you stand out in your market?

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Revealed: The Perfect Blog Post Length


Here’s a million-dollar question: Is there a magical blog post length? In other words, should you aim for a word-count sweet spot?

The answer is no; there is not an ideal word count for a blog post. But there’s an ideal number of questions you need to ask yourself before you write.

And that magic number is 13.

Ask yourself these 13 questions and you’ll discover how long your article should be, whether or not it will be interesting, and if you even have the time to write a good article.

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