What’s a Content King Without a Kingdom?


Is content king?

To me, that seems like a silly question. “Content is king” is a metaphor, but apparently not a very good one.

A good metaphor creates instant understanding. Given the amount of confusion and debate the phrase “content is king” kicks up, it’s not doing all that great a job in the instant-understanding department.

I think it’s smarter to say that content is indispensable. It’s what people go online to find, and it’s what Google loves. There are only a few online marketing models that don’t require valuable content, and those few are getting tougher by the day, and result in no long-term assets.

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BlogWorld 2008
(The Secret Discount Code is…)

BlogWorld 2008

It’s almost time for the 2008 BlogWorld & New Media Expo.

And yes, I will actually make it this year. Really.

BlogWorld is happening September 20-21 (Executive and Entrepreneur option on the 19th) in wholesome Las Vegas, Nevada. You can check out the entire conference schedule here.

I’ll be participating on two panels:

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The Top 5 Ways to Keep Your
Blog Content Fresh

Fresh Apple

I think there should be a notice that appears when installing WordPress or setting up your shiny new account with Blogger.

It would show up somewhere before you complete the final steps of setup, but before the long drawn out terms of use that nobody ever reads.


“Blogging is not easy. You may experience unexpected droughts of inspiration, difficultly maintaining a schedule, or succumb to the pressures of always needing fresh content.”

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Does Your Website Smell?


Now that’s an odd question, right?

We all know that websites don’t smell (at least not literally).

But if you’ll bear with me, I’d like to demonstrate the importance of emotion in your copy, and what types of emotional imagery your copy needs to conjure up.

To understand why emotion matters so much when selling online, all you have to do is observe almost any shopper in a physical store. Watch what the person does and the behavior the individual has.

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Why No One Links to Your Best Posts (And What to Do About It)

Does this sound familiar?

You’ve picked a topic that your ideal readers are dying to know more about. You can write about the topic with authority. You’ve even chosen an interesting angle. In short, you’ve got a killer post that should bring your blog thousands of new readers.

You’re also smart enough to realize that you need to tell other people about it. So, you send an email to all of the top bloggers in your niche, pointing them to the post. Then you sit back and wait for the links to come rolling in.

But nothing happens.

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The 3 Secrets to Massive
Online Marketing Success


If you’re trying to sell products and services online, you’re probably looking for that one magic key to make your business work.

You buy CDs and DVDs that will tell you the secret.

You subscribe to sites like Copyblogger to study the secret.

You look at mega-successful sites in your market and try to reverse engineer the secret.

After all of this searching, you may be tempted to believe there is no secret. But the secret is real.

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Does Your Content Work for an
Aging Population?

Middle Age Couple

I’m getting older. You are too. It’s a fact of life that no matter how young we are now, one day we’re going to start feeling the creaks and groans of age settling in.

I can’t stay up as late at night. I’m a little slower to get going in the morning. When I’ve been writing for a long time, I feel stiff as I rise from my chair. Oh, yeah, and my eyesight is going, too.

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The Steven Wright Guide to
Content Marketing

Steven Wright

I went to a restaurant that serves “breakfast at any time”. So I ordered French Toast during the Renaissance. ~Steven Wright

Comedian Steven Wright is often credited with launching an entirely new genre of stand-up comedy. His dead pan, monotone delivery of clever and kooky one-liners is always with a straight face, and no one had seen anything like that before he burst on the comedy scene in the 80s.

You might assume that Wright’s style is a concocted stage persona, but the truth is a bit more interesting. Wright delivered his jokes that way when he first started simply because (a) that’s the way he speaks, and (b) he was trying to get the words out right.

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Seven Copywriting Tips for a Well-Staffed Business Website

Counter Staff

Have you ever stood in a store with something in your hand and then looked up to see if there was a clerk nearby you could ask for help?

Sure you have. We all have. Good help is hard to find.

Companies have been cutting costs by moving towards self-serve more than ever. Depending on where you live, you may have to bag your own groceries, pump your own gas, or bottle your own water.

Put yourself in the mind of the consumer. Consider what happens at that very moment you realize you need help. You were focused on buying two seconds ago, but then something happened—something very important.

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SEO School: How to Become an SEO Ninja

SEO School

“How to Become an SEO Ninja” is the tagline for Naomi Dunford’s ebook, SEO School. Since I’ve promised to do more book reviews around here, I figured giving you the scoop on a new ebook about search engine optimization would be of interest.

Ever since Aaron Wall joined Teaching Sells and four months later transformed his profitable SEO Book into an interactive training program, there’s been a void in the “SEO ebooks you can trust” market. While I’m sure there are others, I haven’t read those… but I have read SEO School and it’s solid.

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